Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why I love Halloween

Okay, so here are my top ten reasons why I enjoy Halloween:

1. It's the first holiday of my favorite season.
2. Candy!! I always loved the mini candy bars I would get when I went Trick-Or-Treating.
3. It's so much fun to dress up. Usually you get to go as something which is the opposite of who you are, which is fun.
4. The little ones who go trick-or-treating just find such great joy in it, it's great to see the smiles on their faces.
5. The smell of that plastic which masks are made of always brings back memories.
6. Ghosts are so cute...as long as they look like Casper.
7. It's always fun to bust out those orange pumpkins used to collect candy. I always hated it though when they got so heavy the handle broke half way through the night.
8. It's funny to see the kiddos on nights when it's cold. You get to put on your cool costume, but then your mom makes you put you jacket on over it. It just always ruined it all!
9. Halloween means Thanksgiving is on its way!! I can't wait for Turkey Day!!!
10. The arrival of Turkey Day means the arrival of my favorite time of year....Christmas Carol season!!! I love the soft listening channel because they play Christmas songs ALL DAY LONG after Thanksgiving. It's so great!!!

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