Sunday, October 15, 2006

First Pluto, now Washington! What next??

As if telling me Pluto was no longer a planet wasn't devastating enough, now I have to find out the face of Washington I have come to know really isn't what Washington looked like at all. When I found out Pluto had been downgraded from a planet to an almost planet I was seriously upset. I had grown up knowing there were 9 planets in our universe. To tell me otherwise threw my world out of balance (well for a day or two or 10). I got to thinking about all the dioramas I had done and all the pictures I had drawn of our galaxy. They were now false. If I had a teacher grading them today I would fail because that was not the truth anymore. So, as I have finally gotten over that, I read in the paper a new falsehood I have been living. The face of Washington, painted by Gilbert Stuart in 1798 is the face we have all come to recognize as the face of George Washington. Turns out, a forensic team did a reconstruction of the face of Washington at 45, and found he had few similarities to what we perceived to be the face of Washington. So the pictures of the presidents I have for my classroom one day are false. I am going to start out with falsehoods in my classroom. Let me guess…next you're going to tell me the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause are false too...

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