Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some Peoples Kids

Okay, so seriously, I had the most annoying morning and it is only 9 am. First of all I overslept. I missed my alarm and had to bust my cute little butt to get to school on time. I bypassed my morning stop at Starbucks (can you feel the tears building up?) and headed straight to UNM. I was good until I hit traffic about 2 minutes into my drive. It was a really slow and long drive to school today because of traffic. So that is annoyance number one.

I got on the shuttle to go to class. Just so you know, the shuttle is just a bus that takes students from the parking lot to campus. Here's how the filling up of the bus with students usually goes: First everyone takes an empty seat, once those empty seats are full, people begin to double up and two people have to sit together. The funny thing about it though is that for some reason, females always sit with other females and males sit with other males. Don't ask me why this is, it just is and I have no explanation for it. So I took my seat, the bus filled up and a guy came and sat next to me. Now I'm not sure if you can say he was "all guy" if you catch my drift, but...a guy sat next to me. No big deal…it's not like I was saving the seat for some female, I just found he was going against the flow from the beginning and I should have known something was going to follow. So he sits down and I scoot against the window. He had plenty of room, there was no need for his leg to be touching mine, but it was. For some reason he thought it would be appropriate to invade my bubble. Now just understand, I'm not the kind of person to be concerned about my bubble, usually people are respectful and I'm cool with that. Not this guy…HE WAS IN MY BUBBLE. In response to his leg touching, I just moved my legs over a little and in a sense kicked him out of my bubble. The bus now started on it's way to campus and as it usually happens when a bus or car or any moving vehicle turns, body's fall one way or the other. This is just a fact and it happens and usually people are aware of their body parts touching another person and they correct it. So we went around the corner in the bus and my seat mate's leg is touching mine again. HELLO…HE'S IN MY BUBBLE AGAIN. So I wait for him to move his leg off mine, but he never does. Once again I scoot closer to the window. This happens once more before we get to campus. By this time I'm just annoyed and I can't wait to get to class. Thus concludes annoyance number two.

So I get to class right when it's supposed to start, however, the professor (You know the hop scotching math teacher I've talked about before…this is him) decided to start a little early. He had already collected the homework and handed out the new homework for the week. So he walks up to me in a nice loud voice and reminds me (even though I was already aware of this) that I owed him homework. So I said "Yes, Sir" and turned it in. While he was walking back to the front of the room he was reading ALOUD…to the whole class mind you…my answers to the problems. If that wasn't enough he makes a comment about my answers. This wasn't a "wow great answer comment"…all he said was "interesting." Interesting?? Interesting?? What the heck is that supposed to mean, interesting?? And you had to say that to the whole class?? UGH!!! That's annoyance number three.

So while he was lecturing I look to my right and notice the girl sitting a few seats over is sharpening her pencil. She pulled out a pencil sharpener from her bag, sharpened her pencil, threw the shavings on the floor and put her sharpened back in her bag. PEOPLE!!! She dumped the shaving on the floor like it was no big deal. Who does that?? Annoyance number four.

It was nearing the end of class and I was just completely annoyed with my day and what I had seen and experience so far and I was just ready to get to my next class. However, my math prof. had to tell us another exciting dating story…something involving the number pie, whatever I was annoyed!! So that was annoyance number five and it was only 8:50.

Seriously, I'm not sure if I'm in Math 129 anymore or if the name of the class took on Dating 101. All I know is Mr. Bubble invader really set off a chain reaction of annoying events. Thanks Mr. Bubble invader!!!

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