Thursday, October 05, 2006


So, Jeremy is gone at the Youth Workers Convention in Austin. I'm so excited for him and hope that his time is great there. This means, however, that I have lots of down time on my hands. Let me tell you how boringly (yes, that's a word) my life is now. I spent the morning checking out MYSPACE pages of people I went to high school with. Oh my gosh....everyone is getting everyone else!!! People I didn't even know talked or hung out with the same crowd are not engaged or married. It's just so crazy the path life takes us on!! No only this, but there are so many of my former classmates who have children, yes, children plural. It's just all so crazy. I'm so happy where I am, and if Jeremy and I getting married is in the plan that would be cool. But holy cow, two kids already?? I don't think so!!!

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