Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lessons in Life from Math 129

Yeah, you read it right...math 129. That's the math class one would take when they realize they know NOTHING and care to know even less than NOTHING when it comes to the world of math. Seriously, math makes my brain hurt...and that's not fun. So, math 129 is the survey of math. What exactly that means, I'm not sure. All I know is last week we worked on roman numerals and this week we're checking out prime numbers. Now that's what I call a math class...I get this stuff, probably because it's what I learned in the 3rd grade, but at least I get it!!! Not only did I learn about the Fundamental Theorem of Mathematics in this class today, I learned a lot about life and myself.

First lesson - I NEVER AGAIN want to see a 63 year old man do hopscotch. Yeah, that's right hopscotch. My prof. is talking about how there is never any chalk in the classroom and the next thing we all know he's hopscotching across the classroom. I don't think I'll ever look at a hopscotch board the same.

Second Lesson - I learned why my prof. is single. Aside from the a fore mentioned hopscotch incident, his favorite pick up line is, "Do you know about the Fundamental Theorem of Mathematics?" No, seriously, he told us we should us this "icebreaker" sometime at a bar or a church function. He said at least the other person will remember you. Sure, they would remember you, but they would remember you for being a crazy loon rather than that hot person at the bar or chruch social.

Third Lesson - MATH BORES ME!!! If you take a look at my math notes for the class, as few as they may be, in every column is a countdown from when I countdown the minutes until that class lets out. I start with say 20, then cross that off and write 19, then cross that off and write 18 and so on and so forth. I think I have more countdowns than math notes.

So here's to my higher learning education dollars at work. May it not only be about the subject at hand, but the life lessons learned as well!! What a crazy class today!!

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Anonymous said...

yeah math sucks, i lost my love of learning by failing calculus, and now i'm 22 and only a junior.