Monday, July 24, 2006


A friend of mine sent me this a few months back. I just HAD to share it!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mental Health Day

Today has become my official mental health day. Yesterday was just so upsetting with all the running around I was forced to do to get ready for graduation and the upcoming semester, I needed it. Plus, holy cow, it's been so hot here these past few days that I just didn't sleep well. I need a nap, a hot bath and a good book.

Monday, July 17, 2006

All I Can Do is Smile

Okay, so the hits just keep on coming, and all I can do is smile. Let me tell you about my AMAZING (yes, I'm being sarcastic) week, but most of all my AMAZING (still sense the sarcasm??) day yesterday on campus.

Hit number 1: Jeremy left last Thursday for his incredible trip to Poland. I'm so happy, proud and excited for the good work he is doing over there. This means, however, I have become a little lonely. I thought it would be okay, you know I would catch up on some sleep, some cleaning, some school work and maybe even finish one of my many books I'm reading. I have been able to do all of these things; however, I have felt something (someone) has been missing. Things just haven't been quite right, you know??

Hit number 2: My brother, Jimmy, moved to Kansas City on Saturday. Now I know I often joked before he left that I was happy I was going to get my bathroom back to myself and take back his closet, but I knew all along I would really miss him. I DO!! I miss him!! I miss picking on him and him picking on me. I miss having to squeeze my car next to his to park in the driveway. I hate to say it, but I think I even miss those silly judge shows he used to always watch. It is a little quieter around here, and I dont know that I like it. On the flip side, I'm so happy for him and his moving on. I'm happy that the old Jimmy is back and happy again!! I think he finally woke up and realized the path he was supposed to follow!!

Hit number 3: The mid-term!! Okay, so I know I should have actually read the books for the class, and maybe...I dont know...studied. But that's not the problem I'm talking about here. I'm talking about these silly summer classes. Usually when I take a class it takes me a week or two to get acclimated to the teacher, the work and the subject of the course. I am taking a 4 week summer class, though. Just as I have finally become acclimated, it's time for the midterm. I'm just really out of my routine.

Hit number 4: Applying for graduation. So I talked with my Grandma about this process I went through yesterday to apply for graduation, and she thought it was the most ridiculous thing she had heard of. I would have to agree!! I had to set up an appointment with my advisor to do what I thought was just filling out some paper work and making sure the classes I was planning on taking the rest of this school year were the ones I needed. Boy was I wrong!!! I did do what I thought the meeting entailed, but now I also have to have the undergrad advisor for both history and polisci fill out some degree requirements too!! This means more meetings and more running around campus to have paperwork filled out. Come on people, I've been there 6 years, dont you want me gone??

Hit number 5: My schedule has become more difficult by the minute. Okay, so, it's my last year in college. I had two easy semesters planned. I was going to get a job so I wouldnt be a broke college student anymore. However, my meeting with my advisor (reference hit # 4) changed all of that. She informed me I was taking a class that I didnt really need. Hello, of course I was. It was going to be an easy A which would raise my GPA. She also informed me I was still lacking a science lab. I knew this, but I was hoping they forgot about it. For some reason sitting on a lab stool for three hours just doesn't sound appealing. But, I know it's a requirement, so I'm taking it. Needless to say, my 12 hour semester with only one upper division class and some lower level classes has now turned into a 16 hour semester with three upper division classes, the lower level classes, oh and let's not forget that silly lab. My MWF from 8-12 semester has turned into a 5 day a week affair. UGH!!!

Hit number 6: Where did this heat come from?? I realize it's summer, but when I have rain and cool weather for 2 weeks, I kind of get used to it, even though the humidity was a bit of a bummer!!! So when these upper 90 degree temperatures rolled around, my body went into extreme sweat mode. I was walking around campus yesterday dealing with paperwork and meetings and didnt realize how few trees the UNM campus has. And let me tell you, walking through the quad which is all cement and NO trees...I dont think I have ever been so tired from the heat in my life!!

On top of all of this I woke up this morning with a pain in my neck, I think I slept wrong, but dang it it's hot!!!