Thursday, November 02, 2006

Leaf-less Tress in the Winter

I was telling Jeremy the other day how I looked forward to winter time and trees without leaves. He looked at me like I was crazy, but really I do have a method behind my madness! I really enjoy it during the wintertime when I can look across a field and see what's beyond it without the leaves of a tree blocking my view. I also really enjoy looking up and being able to see the dark beautiful sky, which during the summer months is blocked because of the leaves of the tree.

I was driving into school yesterday, however, and got to thinking about what the dying of trees in the winter means to me. It gives me hope and joy. Now before you go thinking I'm some whack job who enjoys things dying...hear me out. To me, the dying of trees in the winter and them blooming and coming to life again in the spring reminds me of my life with Jesus. It reminds me that even when I pass from this life, I can look forward to my new life which will bloom again like the trees in the spring eternally in the presence of God and Jesus.

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