Friday, January 30, 2009

My Support

This week has truly been one for the record books. I can't share many details at this point, there is still some "stuff" going on, but once it's all said and done I will be happy to share with you about it. With that said, Jeremy has been there for me and my family through this time. He has been a servant and supporter. I know he has his own junk to deal with, but instead he has put that on the back burner these past two weeks to deal with me being sick and now this weeks mess. I truly don't know what I would have done this week without his support. For that reason...MY HUSBAND ROCKS!!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

It's in the Steam, Baby!

My brother is building an amazing new house. We have helped him every once in awhile through the process. I love the big kitchen and the beautiful hardwood floors. Jeremy's love in the house...the shower. Seriously, this shower is the size of our bathroom, complete with his and her shower heads and body sprayers, a rain dome, a bench and best of's a steam shower. So, you can shut the door, turn on the steam and you have a steam shower straight from the gym. It's amazing.

These past few days have been rough, and because of them, I ended up sick. Symptoms: VERY bad cough, stuffy nose, plugged ears and a sore throat. All encompassed with a splitting headache. To say the least, I think I have a bad cold. This morning I woke up and it was really bad. I couldn't do anything to get comfy, stop coughing and deal with my stuffy nose that was hurting my nose so bad. I was wishing I was at my brother's house so I could sit in his steam shower in hopes of opening up my head. Since I couldn't hardly crawl out of bed, that wasn't going to work. So, me and my "let's see what I can do with what I have" mentality decided to create my own steam shower. 

So, I filled the tub about half full of water. I sat in there and turned on the shower as hot as it would go. I pointed it at the wall so it wasn't splashing directly into my tub of water. Then, I waited.... Within a few minutes what I was hoping would happen, did. The enclosed area started to turn into a great steam shower. I sat in there for a good 10-15 minutes breathing in the steam. When I got out, I felt refreshed and was a little more comfortable. 

I made do with what we had here, but I tell you what...our next house we build will be complete with one of those huge showers with the steam, just like my brothers!

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday - Servant

It's Friday and time to talk about why my husband rocks this week. Read more about this here. I never thought this would be easy peasy to remember to do each week, but I didn't realize the struggle this week would entail. It's really easy to talk about why your husband rocks when things are going well, but when they aren't it takes that much more soul searching, and humbleness to talk about the things he does that reminds me why we fell in love. This weeks topic is as follows:

List at least one thing your husband did or said in the past week that reminded you why you love him.

This would usually be an easy topic to answer, as Jeremy is the most thoughtful and caring person I know. The problem, is that things have been said and done that have left a deep wound at this point. Still, amidst all of our struggles the past couple days (and the past 8 months for that matter) Jeremy is a servant. He went to get us lunch today and put aside his lunch cravings and desires to go to my favorite fast food restaurant. Once he got back with it, he didn't bring it up and toss the paper bag at me. Instead he took my meal and put it on a plate. He then put the plate, drink, napkin and straw nicely arranged on a "breakfast in bed" tray to bring to me. 

It is my husbands willingness to serve that he rocks!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Fighting Spirit

This week I was finally able to watch the Barbara Walters interview with Patrick Swazye. I sat down with my mom for what I thought would be an interesting interview with a man who is dying. When I finally wipped my eyes for the last time, as the interview came to an end, I thought to myself that this man has great courage, great faith and a great drive to live.

Instead of giving in to this disease that takes most sufferers within a few months, he is determined to LIVE. He is not sitting in a dark room waiting to die, he is out shooting a television show and taking care of his many horses. I found his drive and determination something to be thankful. I'm glad there are people like Patrick in this world to show us what a fighting spirit looks like, and to give us hope that no matter how bad things may look to us, there is always a reason to LIVE your life to its fullest. For that, I am thankful!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hide and Seek

One of my favorite channels in all of DirectTV land is the Hallmark channel. I was so excited about getting DirectTV for the Hallmark channel and the wonderful movies and shows it has. One of the shows I love on the Hallmark channel is 7th Heaven. I was a huge fan of this show when it was on TV and now that it is in reruns, I love it even more. I tell Jeremy all the time that I want us to have a big family like that...we'll see how that works out.

Today's episode had many great themes, but one that stuck out to me came when Ruthie asked Mary to play with her. Ruthie, the younger sister who is maybe 6 in this episode, gets bored and asks her older high school sister Mary to play Hide and Go Seek. Ruthie was chosen to hide and Mary would be the seeker. The problem came when Mary got busy with her homework and forgot to seek Ruthie. It wasn't until quite a time later (when Ruthie had fallen asleep) that Mary finally remembered she was to seek her sister.

This got me to thinking about our relationship with God. How many times have you hidden from Him? How many times have you tucked your body and head under a blanket of busyness and regret hoping He wouldn't find you. I know I have plenty of times. But, the wonderful thing about God is, unlike Mary from 7th Heaven, He never forgets us and even better He never stops seeking us. What amazing love!!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm a Slave to What?

I have been thinking so much lately about the things I am a slave to. I am a slave to my cell phone, to text messaging. I am a slave to the TV and especially the TIVO. I am a slave to my computer, to making sure I have read all of my e mails and checked out all I need to on a daily basis. I have come to understand how much this is wearing me out. I get tired from all of the expectations that I place on myself to stay up to date technology wise.

I'm just tired of feeling I always have to be in contact with people this new "technology" way. As I was sitting here working, I saw the commercial come on about the kids using the WAY OUT OF DATE land line. But, what happened to that? What happened to people calling you when you're at home, and not feeling like you have to be available anytime and anywhere? I love my text messaging as much as the next guy, but how much of my time each day is spent typing in those quick messages, when I could be doing something much more rewarding?

The Bible says in Romans 6, "21. What benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now ashamed of ? Those things result in death! 22. But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life." 

I feel that these things that enslave me, (the cell phone, TV and computer) are things I am ashamed of, and are therefore resulting in my death. I'm not talking that I'm dying because I'm on the computer, (well, maybe I am...who knows with radiation and all that jazz?) I'm saying my spiritual life is dying because I am choosing to spend time with these technologies rather than time with God. If only I would put those away and become a slave to God, as I have been called to do, the benefit would be much greater than the quick high I get from the internet or TV.

What are you a slave to? Is it your computer, the TV, your job? Or is it God? We need to remember where our priorities lie and we need to make a choice to be a slave to God as we have been called to do, rather than be a slave to these earthly things we think are more important. I'll help you and you help me as we get back to what really matters -- get back to God.

Monday, January 12, 2009

101 in 1001 Update

It's Monday and time for me to update you on my 101 in 1001 list. I hate to say it but I have been a bit lax on it. Some things I really need to double up on to catch up on (the 25 push-ups and 50 sit-ups a day) and some things I am thinking I really need to change (take a picture a day and post it weekly -- I can't find my camera thing that hooks up to my computer). Other than that, I am really enjoying this project and feel like it is giving me some hope to really accomplish some goals I want.


17. Don't watch TV for at least one day each week (1/143) - When we went to Phoenix, it was easy to stay away from the TV for a day.

38. Create a budget with Jeremy

40. Save $2,000 using coupons ($25.25)

44. Get reusable bags for shopping trips - I do have one, but it's not nearly enough to use for shopping, so I am still in the process of doing this.

51. Write why my husband rocks every Friday (1/143)

52. Complete the Song of Solomon series three times (0/3) - With out trip to Phoenix this weekend, it was a great time for us to start the series in the car on the way there

53. Read 6 books with Jeremy (0/6)

54. Read the whole Bible with Jeremy

79. Read every book of the bible (0/66 books or 22/1189 chapters) - My parents gave Jeremy a chronological Bible in a year, so we have been going through that together. I'm sure going to be glad when we're done with Job... ;-)

Like I said before, I have been pretty busy with a few things on my list. It is my hope to get some numbers in those parenthesis by the next week when I update you.

Friday, January 09, 2009

All About US

It's Friday and time for me to talk all about why my husband rocks. This week, I'm using the prompt from the My Husband Rocks site to tell you all about us. 

1. Where did you meet?
We met at the church, partly due to my mother. She's a great matchmaker. She set us up to go on the mission trip Jeremy was heading up. Things came up and we didn't end up going, but just a few month later we were inseparable. 

2. Who long did you date b/f you were married?
One Year

3. What does he do that surprises you?
He does so many things that surprise me, but one of the biggest surprises was the first time I came home to find a huge bouquet of flowers sitting on our kitchen table. It was so unexpected and a great surprise.

4. What is your favorite quality of his?
I love his humor. I know he says I don't think he's funny, but I really do. He always knows how to make me laugh when I'm feeling blue.

5. What is your favorite feature of his?
I love his smile because usually that brings out his very distinguishable laugh which I think is the best!

6. Does he have a nickname for you?
Not usually. Outside of words of endearment, there really isn't anything that is consistent.

7. What is his favorite food?
He loves him some pizza.

8. What is his favorite sport?
He absolutely loves his San Antonio Spurs. I think anytime there is anything basketball on the TV he will check it out for at least a few seconds.

9. When and where was your first kiss?
On my parents front porch the night of the 4th of July.

10. What do you like to do together?
We like to do everything together. One of our favorite things to do, however, is to sit at our favorite coffee shop and just hang out while we do our own things. 

11. Do you have any children?
Not yet...

12. Does he have a hidden talent?
He is a walking book of basketball information. I can ask him anything about any player, past or present, and he can tell me where he went to college, how tall he is and his dog's name. Okay, maybe not his dog's name, but you get it.

13. Who said "I love you" first?
He did. We were at my Grandma's cabin in Colorado for Memorial Day.

14. What is his favorite type of music?
He really likes all types of music. He can head bang with me, bust out in a little hip hop and sing a beautiful country song at our wedding...all in the same day.

15. What do you admire most about him?
His character. He is a great man of God who is always striving to be the man God has called him to be. To me, that is wonderful!

16. Do you think he will read this?
I'm sure he will. I think he's the only one who reads my blog! :-)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

While I'm waiting for Jeremy to finish his Madden game...

I'm totally one who doesn't fill out those silly e mail or myspace surveys. I think sometimes those things are just immature ways to brag about yourself or spill something. However, today while I was reading a post from my friend Sheryl, I thought this would be one of those times to make an exception because this one is so much fun. So, here you go...

Hi, my name is.​.​.​.​.​what, my name is...who, my name is....chicka chicka Ka-Katie

Never​ in my life have I.​.​.​been more in love than I am now.​

The one perso​n who can drive​ me nuts is.​.​.that annoying person who drives in the fast lane while going 5 under the speed limit. And they're only there when I'm late. How weird is that?

High schoo​l.​.​.​was the best time, with the greatest friends. 

When Im nervo​us.​.​.​.​ I pick my cuticles. 

The last time I cried​ was.​.​.​.​tonight. I have no reason why, just started spilling out during our weekly catch up time.

If I were to get marri​ed right​ now my weddi​ng would​ be.​.​.just what it was in May...but without the drama.

My hair is.​.​.​the most lovely shade of strawberry blonde

When I was 7.​.​.​I was in love with horses.

Last Chris​tmas.​.​.​I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. (sung in my best shower voice)

I shoul​d be.​.​.​reading the book Jeremy brought me down to read.

When I look down I see.​.​.my Bronco blanket​

The crazi​est recen​t event​ was.​.​.​finding out Jeremy and I had almost the same dream the other night.

If I were a chara​cter on Frien​ds Id be.​.​.​Phoebe​.​

By this time,​ next year.​.​.I'll ​be teaching, hopefully!​

My curre​nt gripe​ is.​.​.​people who delete their myspace page only to open another one with a different name. Hello, it's still you!!!​

I have a hard time under​stand​ing.​.​.the trinity.

There​s this girl I know who.​.​.​means the world to me.

You know I like you when.​.​.​we can talk for hours and hours about nothing and everything.​

If I won an award​,​ the first​ perso​n I would​ tell would​ be.​.​.​Jeremy. Then my mom and dad and Jimmy.

Take my advic​e.​.​.​.when you have a headache, slam a Coke​. Works every time!​

My most wante​d wish is.​.​.​to be a stay at home mom.​

If you visit​ed the place​ I was born.​.​.you would see the beautiful Sandia mountains, the wonderful NM sunsets and the lights of Albuquerque. You would see the place I call home sweet home.

I plan to visit​.​.​.the pyramids in Egypt...soon, hopefully.

If you spend​ the night​ at my house​.​.​.​ you could sleep on our comfy leather couches

Id stop my weddi​ng if.​.​.​my paren​ts didn’​t like the guy

The world​ could​ do witho​ut.​.​.​.​democrats. (Go ahead...start yelling at me now!!) :-)

Id rathe​r lick the belly​ of a cockr​oach than.​.​.​the belly of a snake

Most recen​t thing​ I've bough​t mysel​f.​.​.Some cute new pants from Old Navy.

Most recen​t thing​ someo​ne else bough​t me.​.​.​the lighthouse stuff for our guest bathroom

My favor​ite blond​e is.​.​.​Katherine Heigl 

My favor​ite brune​tte is.​.​.​ My wonderful Hubby

My favor​ite redhe​ad is.​.​.​Isla Fisher. I wish I could be quirky like her

This morni​ng I... sat in the street for 5 minutes trying to decided whether to drive in the snow to church or not.

The anima​ls I would​ like to see flyin​g besid​es birds​ are.​.​.​.​.​ pigs. You know how many things would happen now that pigs fly??

Im eatin​g.​.​.​.​nothi​ng. But I did have some wonderful Apricot Brandy Cake earlier.

Last night​ I was.​.​.sleeping by the time my hubby crawled back into bed.

There​s this guy I know who.​.​.​loves me even when it's hard.

A bette​r name for me would​ be.​.​.Hot Stuff. What?? With the name Apple and Kal-El, there can't be a Hot Stuff??

Tomor​row I am.​.​.​putting away all the rest of the Christmas decorations. 

My birth​day is.​.​.​one of my favorite celebrations. 

What I reall​y want for Valen​tines​ Day is.​.​.for my husband to find a nice romantic place in Lubbock, TX. Suggestions anyone?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

This Time It's For Real - 101 in 1001

It's now the new year, and Jeremy and I have started our 101 in 1001 lists. I know I started a couple weeks back, but after Jeremy decided he would like to do it as well, I thought it would be best to start over when he starts so we can keep each other accountable.

I will be posting weekly updates on Monday as to our progress, so be sure to check back and see how we're doing. You can even keep us accountable, too!!

Here's my mission:

Complete 101 tasks in the period of 1001 days

Here's my timeline:
January 1, 2009 - September 29, 2011

Here's my Goals:
Italics = In Progress
Striked = Completed
Bold = Unsucessful

Completed Tasks:

Bettering Myself
1. Lose 20 pounds (1/20)
2. Learn American Sign Language
3. Learn to play the guitar
4. Read 101 new books (7/101)
5. Make a complete and utter fool of myself
6. Write a letter to my idol teacher
7. Read a Shakespeare play and find somewhere to see it
8. Do 25 push-ups and 50 sit-ups every day (1/1001)
9. Complete a Sudoku book
10. Own a little black dress
11. Complete the couch to 5k run plan
12. Run in a 5k
13. Read 10 books from the banned book list (0/10)
14. Learn to tie a tie
15. Read at least 3 classic novels (0/3)
16. Swim 30,000 yards (500/30,000)
17. Don’t watch TV for at least one day each week (1/143)
18. Stay off the Computer for at least one day each week (23/143)

Being Crafty
19. Finish my latch hook
20. Paint the house (2/9 rooms)
21. Start scrapbooking again
22. Take a picture a day and post on blog weekly (0/143)
23. Give only homemade gifts for one Christmas
24. Take a quilting class
25. Make a gingerbread house from scratch

Exploring and Experiencing the World
26. Visit 5 new states (0/5)
27. Go on another cruise
28. See the pyramids in Egypt
29. Climb at least one 14er
30. Go to Washington DC and immerse myself in American History
31. Go to the Reagan library in California
32. Road trip to the Grand Canyon
33. Road trip to Mt. Rushmore
34. Spend a weekend in Niagara Falls
35. Travel first class
36. Go to the North Pole

Being Money Smart
37. Pay off our debt
38. Create a budget with Jeremy
39. Stick to the budget each month once we create it
40. Save $2,000 using coupons ($187.90/$2,000)

Being Green
41. Plant a tree
42. Plant an herb garden
43. Plant a vegetable garden

44. Get reusable bags for shopping trips
45. Use only reusable bags for shopping trips

Being a Good Wife
46. Attend a lock in with Jeremy
47. Complete the husband challenge
48. Go on a picnic date at least 3 times (1/3)
49. Kiss Jeremy under mistletoe
50. Go skinny dipping with Jeremy
51. Write why my husband rocks every Friday (3/143)
52. Complete the Song of Solomon Series three times (0/3)
53. Read 6 Books with Jeremy (1/6)
54. Read the whole Bible with Jeremy

All About Food
55. Bake a real cheesecake
56. Attend a wine tasting
57. Find my favorite red and white wine

Being a Good Citizen
58. Pay it forward at Starbucks
59. Spend under $10 for a meal and give a $10 tip
60. Donate blood
61. Do a charity walk/run
62. Go Christmas caroling

Being a Good Friend and Family Member
63. Reconnect with old friends
64. Get to know our neighbors
65. Host a holiday cookie exchange
66. Host a New Year’s party
67. Send a thank you note from every gift received
68. Have a girl’s night
69. Write and mail at least one handwritten letter per month (5/33)

Bloggy World
70. Blog my progress
71. Post this list online
72. Write 101 comments on other peoples blogs (43/101)

Life Decisions
73. Become a Mom
74. Get a job teaching
75. Get a puppy
76. Have Jimmy build us a house
77. Start the graduate program

Being more Christ-like
78. Learn to love my enemies
79. Read every book of the bible (1/66 books or 53/1189 chapters)
80. Serve food at a homeless shelter when it’s not the busy/holiday time
81. Do a thorough study of Proverbs 31

For Fun
82. Use my new snowboard that has been sitting in the closet
83. Stay in bed all day when I’m not sick
84. Send a message in a bottle
85. Fly a kite
86. Watch the complete series of “West Wing” from beginning to end (0/7 seasons)
87. Have a garage sale
88. Complete a puzzle a year (1/3)
89. Watch AFI’s best 100 movies (0/100)
90. Play in the rain
91. Build a snowman
92. Build a sand castle
93. Upload a video to YouTube
94. Make a snow angel
95. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
96. Milk a cow
97. Go to a Jazz club
98. Buy something from Williams & Sonoma for our house
99. Ride the Rail Runner
100. Donate $5 for each item not completed
101. Save $1 for each item completed and spend it on myself