Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Short and Sweet about the Ed system

It seems more and more often the education system of this country is put on the back burner if on any burner at all. More and more programs such as the arts, physical education and even reading are cut off. Funding is stopped for them. It is the goal of our government to leave no child behind, however, by cutting off funding to these programs we are leaving children behind. Educators are some of the lowest paid positions in the country. Often times educators are barely above the poverty line with their salary. In a society where future generations will be our leaders, how can this be done? How can the teachers of future generations be thought of so little with their pay. Now, not only do we have programs cut, teachers paid as little as possible, but we also have the safety at our schools being questioned. Within the past week, I have heard of three school shootings. As a future educator this scares me. As in everyday life none of us have any guarantees, however, it seems more and more often school shootings are occurring. This latest school shooting at an Amish school in Pennsylvania has really set me back. The Amish community is a friendly one. They are not known for being violent people. It is a closed off community and to have this happen there just makes me say WOW!! If this can happen in a small closed off community, it could happen anywhere. It is my feeling more attention needs to be paid to the schools of this country. Greater amounts of funding needs to be provided to our schools, not only to pay teachers what they should be making, but also funding needs to be increased for programs that students need. It is through this students will find a better place in schools. Our country has been on a steady moral decline and the school was the starting point for this. God has been pushed out while Darwin has been escorted in. A safe place to learn has been pushed out while guns have been lead in. It is until our country realizes this, our society has little hope of reviving itself.

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