Saturday, December 27, 2008

Do Overs

Some of you may be wondering about the 101 list, and others may really care less. Either way, here is the update. I put it on hold. After I made my list, my wonderful ambitious husband decided he too would like to give setting 101 goals a try. So, Jeremy is in the process of completing his 101 list and will start January 1. In an effort to do this together, I will be starting my list over on January 1. We will be each others accountability partners as well as each others cheerleaders. So, sit tight, you will start to get weekly updates come the first of the year. Until then, hug a loved one and have a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

These past few days...

These past few days, I have learned a lot. I have learned it is best to talk to people in person. It's amazing how brave one can be with what they say over text message or through e mail. I think sometimes, we say things through e mail or text message that we wouldn't usually say in person. Now, I don't know if people regret things they said, but I wonder if I had been talking to them in person if they would have said the same hurtful things, would I have said the same things?

I have also learned that it is not good to cry for two days straight. A few things happen. 1. You get a HORRIBLE headache. 2. Your eyes are always red and puffy...when you don't want them to be. 3. You get really sleepy at 7pm. The lesson learned here...don't cry for 2 days straight.

These past few days, I have learned that my friends are always there for me. It's amazing how a quick note from a friend who lives across the country can make you feel like you are someone special. I loved hearing from my friends with quick little words of encouragement, they made me smile and really helped lift my pains.

These past few days, I have learned why I really want to teach. I went back to school yesterday for my teacher's shower. When I got there, I went out to recess to get the kiddos. Seeing all of them running at me and making a huge circle around me while they all pushed to get through to hug me brought a huge smile to my face. But the biggest smile came from a little buddy of mine who I bonded over the Broncos with. He was a guys guy, and enjoyed being around me, but that was it. This little one grabbed hold of me yesterday to hug me and wouldn't let go. To me, that's what teaching is all about. I could tell from the comments the student made that I had made some sort of an impact, and to me, that's what it's all about. And it is because of that that I KNOW I will be a GREAT teacher, even when some tell me I wont.

These past few days, I realized I am a great person. I am a person who loves to have fun. And I am a person who can get in there and show others I can't be pushed around. It has been a hard few days, and a big roller coaster ride, but I feel I am better because of these past few days.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yay for snow!

I have been totally loving the snow in Rio Rancho lately. We had a snow day on Tuesday, and with any luck we will have another one tomorrow. I love snow in New Mexico. It's peaceful and great to enjoy, and then, by the end of the day, it's gone so we can go about our lives. I don't think I could ever live in a place where snow stays on the ground for longer than a day. That's one of the many reasons why I love New Mexico, and love to call it home!

Monday, December 15, 2008

101 in 1001

I have always been a procrastinator and not really much of a goal organizer. After getting inspiration from an old high school friend, I have decided to make a list of 101 goals I will complete in the next 1001 days.

Here's my mission:
Complete 101 tasks in the period of 1001 days

Here's my timeline:
December 16, 2008 - September 15, 2011

Here's my Goals:
Italics = In Progress
Striked = Completed
Bold = Unsucessful

Bettering Myself
1. Lose 15 pounds (0/15)
2. Learn American Sign Language
3. Learn to play the guitar
4. Read 101 new books (0/101)
5. Make a complete and utter fool of myself
6. Write a letter to my idol teacher
7. Eat junk food one day without feeling guilty
8. Read a Shakespeare play and find somewhere to see it
9. Do 25 push-ups and 50 sit-ups every day (0/1001)
10. Complete a Sudoku book
11. Own a little black dress
12. Complete the couch to 5k run plan
13. Run in a 5k
14. Write a letter to myself as to where I think I’ll be in 1001 days
15. Open the letter on the 1001st day and read it
16. Read 10 books from the banned book list (0/10)
17. Learn to tie a tie
18. Read at least 3 classic novels (0/3)
19. Evaluate the items left on the list and consider making a new 101 in 1001 list

Being Crafty
20. Finish my latch hook
21. Paint the house
22. Start scrapbooking again
23. Take a picture a day and post on blog weekly
24. Give only homemade gifts for one Christmas
25. Take a quilting class
26. Make a gingerbread house from scratch

Exploring and Experiencing the World
27. Visit 5 new states (0/5)
28. Go on another cruise
29. See the pyramids in Egypt
30. Climb at least one 14er
31. Go to Washington DC and immerse myself in American History
32. Go to the Reagan library in California
33. Road trip to the Grand Canyon
34. Road trip to Mt. Rushmore
35. Attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
36. Spend a weekend in Niagara Falls
37. Travel first class
38. Go to the North Pole
39. Visit a castle

Being Money Smart
40. Pay off our debt
41. Use at least one coupon every time we go shopping

Being Green
42. Plant a tree
43. Plant an herb garden
44. Plant a vegetable garden
45. Get reusable bags for shopping trips
46. Use only reusable bags for shopping trips

Being a Good Wife
47. Attend a lock in with Jeremy
48. Complete the husband challenge
49. Go on a picnic date
50. Kiss Jeremy under mistletoe
51. Go skinny dipping with Jeremy
52. Write why my husband rocks each Friday (0/143)

All About Food
53. Bake a real cheesecake
54. Attend a wine tasting
55. Find my favorite red and white wine

Being a Good Citizen
56. Pay it forward
57. Spend under $10 for a meal and give a $10 tip
58. Donate blood
59. Do a charity walk/run
60. Go Christmas caroling

Being a Good Friend and Family Member
61. Reconnect with old friends
62. Get to know our neighbors
63. Host a holiday cookie exchange
64. Inspire someone else to make a 101 in 1001 list
65. Host a New Year’s party
66. Send a thank you note for every gift received
67. Have a girl’s night
68. Write and mail at least one handwritten letter per month (0/33)

Bloggy World
69. Blog my progress
70. Participate in NaBloPoMo
71. Post this list online
72. Write 101 comments on other peoples blogs (0/101)

Life Decisions
73. Become a Mom
74. Get a job teaching
75. Get a puppy
76. Have Jimmy build us a house
77. Start the graduate program

Being more Christ-like
78. Learn to love my enemies
79. Read every book of the bible (0/66 books or 0/1189 chapters)
80. Serve food at a homeless shelter when it’s not the busy/holiday time

For Fun
81. Use my new snowboard that has been sitting in the closet
82. Stay in bed all day when I’m not sick
83. Send a message in a bottle
84. Fly a kite
85. Memorize State capitals
86. Watch the complete series of “West Wing” from beginning to end
87. Watch the sunset, then stay up to watch the sunrise
88. Have a garage sale
89. Complete a puzzle a year
90. Watch AFI’s best 100 movies (0/100)
91. Play in the rain
92. Build a snowman
93. Build a sand castle
94. Upload a video to YouTube
95. Make a snow angel
96. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
97. Milk a cow
98. Go to a Jazz club
99. Buy something from Williams & Sonoma for our house
100. Donate $5 for each item not completed
101. Get $1 for each item completed and spend it on myself

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have a password for everything. I have a password to check my e mail, to pay my bills online, to get money out of the ATM. We even have a password to make the TIVO work. The problem...I have so many passwords that I forget what they are. Now, I know some of you, like me, use the same password for everything, but sometimes you have to have specifics in your password. It must be a certain length, it must contain letters and numbers, and sometimes you have to change it every 90 days. Today, I came across a problem. I was trying to get on my old laptop to access some documents. I booted it up and asked for my password. I remember setting up to have a password since I was in college when I was carrying that laptop around, but for the life of me, I can't remember the dumb password. I tried all of my old standby's, my new standby's and ever word in between and I still can't log on. UGH!!! I hate passwords!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Need Your Help

I recently saw a blog post from an old high school friend. He is doing the most inspiring thing and I feel it's a time in my life when I need to do this, too. He is vowing to write a list of 100 things he wants to accomplish in the next 1000 days. As I said, I also want to do this, but I need a little help first. I need your help in generating my list. So far, I have about 25 things...I'm a quarter of the way to completing my list, but I need more. Help me! Give me ideas that I can use. It is my goal to start this January 1st, if not hustle up. Shout out your ideas and help me to complete my 100 in 1000.

I'm "back"

It has been so so so long since I have blogged. I have finally decided to start to get back into it. I'm not saying I am for sure back, but I am as back as my busy schedule allows me, so... I am just "back". 


Why is it that things that are said that hurt stick with you more than things that are encouraging and affirming? Last night in our bible study we were talking about that issue. I brought up how someone told me earlier this year that I would never be a good teacher. That hurt! It completely took away from my joy of teaching and has stuck with me throughout all of my student teaching. I have had so many people since then tell me that I really am a wonderful teacher. I have heard that I present lessons well, work with the students wonderfully and am exceptional with the parents. Do you think those are the words I remember? Well, they should be, but they're not. I keep hearing in my head those extremely hurtful words "You'll never be a good teacher" and I can't shake them. Why is that? Why is it that hurt is so hard to overcome? 

Monday, December 01, 2008

Getting Real

Do you ever have those times when you say, "THANK YOU LORD!!!"?? I was checking out an old friend's MYSPACE profile. We actually dated for awhile, but the situation was not good at all. Many were scared for me while I was in the relationship, and looking back, I would have been scared for myself too. This person now has a kid, and I am so thankful the Lord got me out of that situation. Who knows...that could have been me. I too could have been stuck in her situation with a baby with a guy who doesn't care and makes you fear daily for your safety. At the time I thought it was perfect, looking back I didn't really know perfection. I now know what I have with Jeremy is the closest thing one can get to it. I just look back and thank the Lord for getting me out of that situation. I thank Him for saving me from a miserable scared life, for bringing the TRUE ME back to my family and friends, and for giving me the most amazing man so I really experience and know true love!!
I know at times us girls can get ourselves into trouble. We can think we are in paradise, but in reality we are in a sort of hell. It is my hope that any girl who reads this would know that there is more out there. There is an amazing pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you just need to get out of the rainy storm to see it. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are you Kidding Me??

I was watching FoxNews this morning when I saw an advertisement for sunglasses. But these aren't just any old glasses, these are HD Vision glasses. Are you kidding me?? In a few years when the HD TV buzz goes away, no one will know about these glasses. What will they think of next??

If you don't believe me, check it out here.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Is it just me, or do you have a problem when people are vague when they talk?? Kids are notorious for this, but it's even more frustrating when an adult does it. You ask them how things are going and they reply "good" and that's it. Really?? Good?? How are things good?? Or when you ask them what all they did today, they reply "I got a lot done". Really?? A lot?? What all does that involve?? Or when you ask them about a conversation they reply "oh, we talked about stuff". Really?? Stuff?? What is stuff?? 

To me, it just seems like they are hiding something. They did or said something they don't want you to know about, or they don't care about you enough to tell you, so they just make up a vague term and move on. Seriously, we are having a conversation and you tell me good, a lot and stuff?? NO WAY!!! I NEED more depth than that!! Maybe it's just me...what do you think??

Showered with Love

This weekend I was able to be the lucky Bride to Be at two of my three showers. It was so much fun, and amazing to see all of the people who were there to support me and shower me with love. I have one more next week, and after that, I promise...Promise...PROMISE to post pictures!! Hold me to that!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

One Month and counting

One month from today, I will become Mrs. Jeremy Rodriguez. I have so many emotions within me, it's hard to describe. 

I am happy. I have found a great man who I know will take care of me. I'm happy to start a new adventure. 

I'm scared. I'm scared to start this new adventure. I'm scared of the quiet that will be my house. I'm scared of what I will do wrong.

I'm nervous. This is the most important decision in my life, nothing will be bigger than this. Will everything go as planned? Will the music play on que? Will I look flawless?

I'm mad. I'm mad at all that has happened this year. I'm mad at those people who have not been cooperative. I'm mad that they think this is about them, and forget it's about me and Jeremy.

I'm ready. I'm ready to start this adventure. I'm ready to be this man's wife. I'm ready to make our house a home with a happy family. And I'm READY for the honeymoon!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Doesn't even Compare

Have you ever read a book for the sole purpose of watching the movie based on the book?? Have you ever, then, been disappointed about what you were seeing? Have you, then, wanted to throw your remote at the TV because what you are watching is NOT what you read?? I did!!

Last night, I finished the book "The Memory Keepers Daughter". I had seen this book for years, and wanted to read it, but never did. When I saw LifeTime was making a movie based on the book, I decided it was high time for me to read the book so I could watch the movie. So, about a week and a half ago I bought the book and when the movie came on, I TIVOed it. Well, I was totally disappointed that the movie WAS NOT the book. 

It started out about the same, but halfway through characters did not enter the story as they were supposed to. People didn't do things they were supposed to. And a fight even happened with the WRONG people. This is the first time I have read a book before a movie and, honestly, I was so disappointed. I don't think I can do that again. I think I need to either stick to the book, or the movie, and not do both!!

I give Up!!

Why is it that you can be in a great mood....have a great excited for the weekend and then have one phone call and it all is gone?? Have one phone call where you are nice as nice can be....look forward to forming a relationship and the person on the other end is rude, hurtful and your day is then ruined. I give up!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Peeved...

Can I tell you what bugs me more than anything?? People who call after 9 o'clock in the evening. By that time, I am winding down, getting ready for bed, and DON'T want to hear the phone ring. I don't know about you all, but I just think it is rude and inconsiderate. So, if you call me after 9 prepared to find me in a BAD mood!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Ready!!

Despite the bumps....despite the ups and downs.....despite the emotions that go into a wedding, I'M READY!!!! 

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Jeremy wrote a blog recently about questions. Through his inspiration I have decided to listen to the questions that fill my head, this is what I came up with:

What is my purpose? What are you doing to fulfill that purpose? How do you know this is your purpose?

When are you going to be brave? When are you going to grow-up? When are you going to be accepting of others? When are you going to stand up to those who beat you down? When are you going to stand up and stick to your convictions? When are you going to stop being a doormat?

When are you going to be happy? When are you going to rely on Jesus alone for that happiness, since he is all who seems to bring it consistently? Do you make others happy? Can others rely on you? 

Am I going to be a good teacher? Wife? Mother? How can I make sure I am good at these things? What will I do if I'm not?

What is my life going to be like in 5 years? 10? 50?

Monday, April 14, 2008

I wish...

Getting married comes with many feelings. First and foremost is excitement. I am very excited to enter into this new chapter with Jeremy. I'm excited what we have in store for each other. Second, and probably just as foremost is fear. I feel it is this fear that is controlling me lately and the feeling I want to get over most, but I just can't. 

I'm scared of many things when it comes to getting married. I'm scared I will fail as a wife. I fear I will not live up to the expectations that have been set before me. I'm scared of leaving a life I have always known under my parents roof. I'm scared of the quiet. I'm scared of burning all of the meals. I'm scared to enter this new chapter. I'm scared my old life I have known for 25 years is dying. I'm just scared. I wish I knew how to get over this. I wish I knew the secret magic answer to all of these worries...I wish!

Mama said I'd lose My Head

So, I'm sitting here on my bed and I know I have something to write about....I just can't think of it right now! Ugh, I'm getting the old woman forgetful mind....HELP ME!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cream, Family, Sudoku

1. Tonight I had some "me" time in the bathtub. I sat in there for almost an hour enjoying myself and thinking about my life. When I was done, I decided to shave my much needed legs. I was using a new shave cream, and the smell brought me back to the first time I shaved. You see, it was baby powder scent, the same scent I used when I first shaved. Isn't it amazing how smells can take us back to certain days and times?

2. Tonight I got to hang out with my family. It was so much fun to be around them. It's going to be hard to leave this when I get married...until then I will enjoy any time I get with them!

3. Lately I have been watching A LOT of the show 7th Heaven. I just think the Camden family is an amazing family. It was them who really wanted me to have a large family. I just love the closeness and love they have. I want the relationship that Mr. and Mrs. Camden have....he truly loves her which makes it easy for her to support him. The respect, trust and devotion they have for one another is special....I hope to have that!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Don't be BETTER!!!

Last night, I was watching FOX news as I was running away on the elliptical. (Actually I don't know if you would call it running, but you get the picture.) With sweat starting to bead on my forehead, there was a priest who was talking about struggles. (No kidding, I thought as the intensity of my workout grew.) He was talking how we all have struggles in our life, but we really need to think about how we react to them. 

Now, my mom has always told me's not about what problems you have, it's the way you handle them that determines your happiness. I think she was right on, I just never wanted to admit that when I was 16. The priest on last night was reiterating the same concept. He said through the struggles we have we can either deepen our relationship with God, or we can become bitter with Him. We can take the struggles and learn from them, or we can play the "poor me" roll and the "why do bad things always happen to me??" line. Instead we can use these struggles to lean on and rely on God and allow Him to guide us, which in turn will deepen our relationship with Him. 

I don't know about you, but this VERY simple concept struck me really hard. I have been having struggles lately and, honestly, I have been playing the "poor me, why me??" roll. I have been thinking that I am the only one with struggles and when are they going to stop?? I have thought, "well, here we go again...". And, this is a very poor, BITTER attitude of mine. I have been saying these things, rather than leaning on God and relying on Him, to become better. 

So, what are you doing when you struggle?? Are you playing the "poor me" card? Are you saying, "bad things just always come my way"? Are you thinking the world owes you something because you have these struggles?? Have you become bitter?? I would pray that you would do just the opposite. I pray you would realize EVERYONE has struggles, but your attitude about life, God, and these struggles will depend on how you react to them. Don't become bitter with God. Rather, lean on Him. Depend on Him. Rely on Him. It's amazing how your life will be. Don't be better!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Right Stuff

Okay, so I was watching the Today Show this morning and they had a big announcement about a boy band getting back together. I figured it was going to be the Backstreet Boys or someone from that era...NOT TRUE. It's New Kids on the Block!!! Oh my GOSH!!!! As a former lover of these boys I'm totally excited, shocked and wondering how these old boys are going to pull this off...either way I'm READY!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

#1, Friends, Sale

1. It's so good to feel you have that spot back!!

2. I know I just said it in my last blog, but having great friends to talk with is the best thing in the world!!

3. When you see a registry item on sale you really freak out to let everyone know about it!! It's kind of crazy what you do!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Give, Honor, Market

1. It's hard not to get your way...but when it means a make or break thing it's better to give.

2. My Matron of Honor is an amazing woman. I'm so glad to have her in my life and call her friend.

3. Two words of wonderful amazement..... BOSTON MARKET!!! Yumm Yumm!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fly, Barrel, Bed

1. I have never driven over the mountains between here and my Grandma's house, today I DID IT...and I flew. I made record time!!

2. There is nothing like Cracker Barrel after a long drive home.

3. What's better than Cracker Barrel after a long drive?? My own bed!!! Oh, how I love my bed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For One More Day

Well, in my short time here in Colorado, I was able to read one book and start two more. The book I finished, For One More Day by Mitch Albom really got me thinking and encouraging me to appreciate my Mom. If you haven't read it, DO!!

Albom, Free LD, Light

1. I was so excited to finish a book today for the first time in a long time. I can't wait to finish another!

2. One thing that is so beautiful about cell long distance. If I didn't have that, I would have a LARGE phone bill!!

3. When you are alone at night in a big unfamiliar house, there is nothing better than the automatic light. On at 6 off at's wonderful!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's Day

Today, as I was eating corned beef and cabbage, I was thinking back to all of my fun St. Patty's Day's and this too has been one of them. The last time I truly went out and celebrated was 2 years 2006. I got together with some of the old guys and we all went out to the local pub, O'Hares. I was smitten with a new guy at church, so I was on my BEST behavior, but the guys...well they had a great time, and it was fun to laugh with them.

Another fun St. Patty's Day was in 2001. Me and my friend Sarah embarked on a journey to be rebels and get our belly buttons pierced together. So, we went downtown without either of our familys knowing and did it. It took 3 days for me to tell my Mom what I had done, and boy was I scared to death. I'm so glad she was okay with it.

Another fun St. Patty's Day was in 2005. My family decided last minute to take a trip to Durango. I was thrilled to get out of dodge (why do I always need to do that around this time?) It was so much fun!! We spent the days watching March Madness and the nights playing cards. I experienced corned beef for the first time, and have been in love since.

Another St. Patty's Day I remember was in kindergarten. We walked into Mrs. Brownings room to see leprechaun footprints all over the class. We were in search for a pot of gold all morning. I had so much fun, and it stuck with me all of these years. 

I don't know what it is about me and St. Patty's Day...I think it's just my holiday of fun memories. I hope for many more in the future, and maybe next time, you will be a part of one!!

Corned Beef, Family, Crossword

1. My favorite thing about St. Patty's Day....corned beef!! It's so yummy and such a treat once a year.

2. Today I got to spend some time visiting with my cousin Carrie. I'm so sad we live so far away and don't get to see her that often.

3. One thing I love about visiting Grandma P...the crosswords every morning.

snow, Snow, SNOW, SNOOW!!!

Yay, it's snowing here at Grandma's!!! That's a joy I forgot....I miss being able to sit inside with a book, blanket and coffee in hand while I watch it snow outside. There is something exciting about the snow in Colorado. It's so's a joy!!

My Joys

Well, Jeremy I think has inspired many with his blog about lost joys. I know I wrote last night about reading, and how I have enjoyed getting back to this stolen joy. I also know it was my attempt to write about joys that I see everyday in my beauty blog. Life has taken over and I have neglected that, but it is my attempt to reinstate that in my life. Until then, here are some joys that have brought a smile to my heart in the past:
  • The smell in the air after a rain.
  • Cuddle Time!
  • Seeing God in the "woah what happened?" moments
  • A new pair of shoes
  • Not feeling like I could get close enough to Jeremy
  • Text messages through the day to know I can't get out of his mind
  • Latch Hook
  • Baking
  • The birds singing in the morning, telling me Spring is on its way
  • Another text message to let me know I'm still on that mind
  • Dreaming of the future
  • The smell of vanilla
  • Singing outloud
  • BoBo chasing the frisbee
  • A trip to Abercrombie for new cloths
  • Learning about the Women of the Bible
  • Looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful, smart, talented woman
  • Getting up at 7 am, jumping out of bed ready to start my day
  • Coffee in the morning
  • Photography
  • Cleaning my car on a warm afternoon
  • Hearing I love you from the man I love, over, and over and over
  • The ambition to learn to knit
  • Driving through Corrales to clear my head
  • Scrapbooking
  • Holding hands with the one I love and feeling he would never let go

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Joy, Ear Plugs, Birthdays

1. Last night, I was able to get back to one of my stolen joys...reading. I love to read and was always very passionate about it. Lately, I have been to busy and pre-occupied to do so. So, last night, when there was nothing on TV,  I went to bed at 10:30 pm and read until about 1 am. It was great to get back to my joy.

2. Ear plugs are amazing, especially when the room you are sleeping in has a ticking clock. I'm sure glad that didn't keep me up all night!!

3. Birthdays are one of my favorite things in this world. I was so privileged to spend today with my Grandma on her Birthday!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not "normal", CC, Convictions

1. Today I embarked on a new experience. I traveled 7 hours over the mountains to stay with my Grandma. It is something I have never done, it's actually the farthest thing from the "normal" me. But, I did it, and it was a great eye opening experience.

2. I know there are those of you out there who love those energy drinks; to you, I say BOO!!! It's all about the Cherry Coke to keep you awake over the snowy mountains.

3. There is nothing like knowing what you want. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, but it also got me here to Colorado. I think it is important for people to know what they want and stand by their convictions!

Wanna Get Away??

Ever have those times when you just REALLY need a change of scenery?? Me, I'm in Colorado. I have taken photos along the way of my great journey up here and I will post them when I get home.. You all have a fantastic weekend!!

Family Trees

There is a reason family trees look like this:

It is the point of marrying someone to break away and form a new branch with your new family. 

Friday, March 14, 2008

Where is my Head??

Today I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off. You see, it is the deadline for my student teacher packet to be turned in. I had mine together with the exception of one VERY important test score. I know I have it here somewhere, I even turned a copy in to the school last December, so I know I have that copy and my original here somewhere. Problem....I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE. I have torn the house apart searching and searching for that dang sheet of paper. I finally decided to give up and cross my fingers the college still had a copy, which they did. So, I had to go over there and thankfully waited about 15 minutes for them to copy it for me.

So then....I had to get my advisor to sign the packet (which I didn't know), so I had to get in touch with her (which took forever cause her phone was busy for about an hour this morning) and wait for about a half hour at the college for her to get there. Rest assured...she did sign it, I did turn it in (5 and a half hours later), now I'm just praying everything they need is there!!! Now if I can find my head, my day would start to be a little better!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pot, Culture, Advice

1. How funny is the word pot?? Especially when you are referring to the toilet. What's even funnier is hearing people who never refer to it as that say, "Katie, can you get that?? I'm on the pot!" Too funny!!

2. It's hard to break away from your culture, but I'm so glad I did tonight. It allowed me to have a great dinner with the one I love...time we needed!!

3. Advice is the best thing in the world. It's just always good to have an open mind when you receive it, but it's nice to hear peoples side of things and hear their suggestions as well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Surprise, Packets, Registration

1. I had so much fun surprising my baby at church...I hope he was excited to see me as I was to surprise him.

2. I have my student teaching packet together...wohoo!!!

3. I registered for my summer classes today. All I can say is it's a good thing I'm taking them at the graduate level, otherwise they would be full!!

The Problem With Fractions

Well, yesterday I started my last 8 weeks of class for this semester. This means....a new class!!! I was apprehensive about this class...the teacher brought his lunch and that is never a good sign. Usually that means we are not getting out at 12 like most teachers do. So, I hemmed and hawed in my head about how dumb and unfair and and and, but it turned out to be a great class!!! We were so busy with different activities that it didn't seem like I was sitting there for 5 and a half hours. We laughed and participated and had a great first day. I am really excited about this class!!! Only 5 more classes and I can STUDENT TEACH!!! WOHOO!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Pretty Girl

This weekend, at the Youth Quake, I heard a song that truly spoke to me, especially with all I have had going on in my life lately. I think all of us girls need to be reminded we are pretty and we are the reason Jesus died!! I'm not usually one to repeat lyrics, but here is the song that touch me by Fuller Still, I hope the words speak to you as well.

Pretty Girl, just smile for the crowd
But if you're dying inside, don't say it out loud.
You say you've got it all together, your whole life's in line
But you're not allowed to cry, because everything is fine.
And if you think you aren't lovely, you're just fooling yourself,
'Cause you know that you're perfect by the trophies on your shelf.

Don't keep it all hidden away, I'm here to say you can be satisfied
Just give it up to the lover of your soul, 'cause you're the reason why He died, He says:

You're beautiful, too marvelous for words
You're amorous, so precious, it hurts
You're more captivating than the rest of this world, 
So when will you see that you're truly a Pretty Girl?

And the looks that you get, all the praises that you earn,
And the songs that you sing, oh, when will you learn?
Your hair is so curly, but you want it straight,
Well, at least that's one thing that you love, but you're still worried 'bout your weight.

Well, I used to be that Pretty Girl, suffering alone in my strife
Thought I was unworthy of love, until Jesus came and change my life when He said that:

You're beautiful, too marvelous for words
You're amorous, so precious, it hurts
You're more captivating that the rest of this world, 
So when will you see that you're truly my Pretty Girl?

Oh please won't you see all that I've got in store
For my sweet little baby who loves Me like crazy
You'll look in the mirror, and see things much clearer
Just know that through Me, you're much more than just a Pretty Girl.


Why is it so hard to forgive and forget? Why is it that we can be hurt or have our trust in someone broken and fight hard to not remember that time, but those times are still there in our mind? Why can we not get past incidents of the past? Why is it that when we hope something is worked out, we remember the time that work was busted with a new plan so we think it has happened this time? Why is is so hard to forget these instances and move on with new plans or relationships?

When we are hurt, when our trust is broken, it's hard to forget that. It's hard to believe that as much as we hope it will, this time WILL be different. Time will help us to heal this hurt, but when an incident happens recently and then happens again, we think back to that time. It is my hope that I will be able to wipe a clean slate every time and start over. It is my hope that each time, relationship or agreement will hold true, more than the last. Until then, I think I need patience...for myself and for those around me. It isn't easy to get over being hurt or having your trust broken. And each time a new instance comes up it will be hard to get over what happened in the past, but I am working at it. I am trying. And I just need patience.

What a Great Weekend!!

This weekend, Jeremy and I went with the Middle School youth from our church to Youth Quake in Denver. It was really an awesome time!!! We got to hang out and laugh like old times, I got to meet some great YE people, we had Chipotle....twice, we hung out every morning with coffee and breakfast. And that was just some of what we did together. I'm so glad we're "back", I really did miss us!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Dreaded Bathroom Key

Jeremy and I have our favorite coffee shop we LOVE to go to. Not only is it WAY better than Starbucks (yes, the Starbucks addict said it...) but it has a great atmosphere to sit and hang out in all day long....and YES we have done that before. There is a new problem I see though. Within the last month, the coffee shop has experienced some vandalism in their bathrooms which has caused them to keep the bathroom locked and those wishing to use it must get a key. 

I have been able to avoid having to do this...until yesterday. I finally had to grab that key and make my way into the facility. As I was in there, I got to thinking about that key. Do they sanitize it everyday?? Or are there nasty bathroom germs, as big as seals, sitting on that key and waiting for me to pick it up??

I'm not usually a germ-a-phob, but I was completely disgusted by having to use that key yesterday....

Monday, March 03, 2008

Me too!

Do you ever feel like you talk and talk and get NO WHERE?? Do you ever feel like you do all you can do to be noticed, yet still aren't? Do you ever wonder what things will be like in the future if they can't change now? Do you ever feel like you are nothing?

Me too!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Why is it that such a simple looking, two syllable, 6 letter word can mean so much pain, heartache and destruction?

It Has Sprung

Today, My Mom, Kelly and I were lining the envelopes for the invitations. While we were sitting in the dining room, we opened the window. Wafting through the small crack was spring. It smelled of fresh air that just filled the room with a sense of newness. The sweet music of birds chirping put a smile on all our faces. I am so excited for this new season. I hope it brings a new beginning to a winter that I am ready to put behind me. I'm so excited for this new season of life and renewed hope. 

Did you make the Most of It??

As much as I tried, my Leap day was less than stellar.
  • I screwed up at work and put a sample in the freezer I shouldn't have. 
  • I learned something that was supposed to be taken care of for the guest list wasn't, so I had that added stress.
  • I ate my dinner too fast and gave myself a stomach ache.
  • I am up way too late
  • I think I'm coming down with a least I have a cough.
There were some good things that happened, it's Friday....I had a great time bowling.....I watched a fun movie....and I got to have a great breakfast with my Mom. Why is it that the bad always seems to outweigh the good though?? Oh well...I have another 4 years and I can try all over!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

An Extra Chance

Have you ever thought what an amazing day today is?? Yeah, it's Friday...that's amazing in itself. Yeah, it's starting to turn to Spring...that's amazing. Yeah, it's February 29th, a day we see once every four years....that's pretty fun. But, have you thought what that means?? Every four years you are given an extra chance to do something amazing. You are given an extra day to see what you can go out and do, or what you you can make of yourself. You are given an extra day to glorify God to the fullest. 

So, what are you going to do on this extra blessing? Are you going to go out and make the most of this great extra day? Are you going to show God you will not take for granted any extra time you are given in this great year? Or, are you going to live your life like any other day...complaining about what could have been, gossiping about your co-worker, making God frown upon choices your are making? It's your choice, but just realize this chance for an extra amazing day comes by only every four years. So prove that you love your life and are grateful for the extra day in your year. I know I will rejoice in this extra day, and this year, I REALLY need it!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is Coffee Supposed to Do That??

My Mom was great this morning and brought me coffee before I went to work. What a great treat to get Starbucks to wake you up. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to drink it all while I got ready for I took it with me. When I got to work, I took a sip and immediately headed to the microwave. There is nothing I hate more than coffee that is supposed to be warm turn cold. 1 minute start...and my coffee was on its way to being drinkable again. When it came out, it was smelling of that wonderful aroma again, and I was a happy camper.

Two phone calls and a barrage of e mails later and my coffee was cold again. Again, I trudged to the back and warmed up my coffee. It took me a couple of minutes to remember it was in there, so I headed to get it and was stopped by a smell that worried me. Something was burning. I passed it off as the microwave just heating up until I opened the door. Inside dripping from the tops, sides and creating a puddle was my coffee; it had exploded. The smell, however, was coming from my cup that was sitting in the puddle of coffee and burned on the bottom. It's true, my coffee cup caught fire in the microwave. I didn't know coffee did that. Needless to say I didn't get to finish my cup o joe, but at least I didn't burn the vet hospital down!!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Is cockiness just a great outlook on life and great confidence in yourself??

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Go Lobos!!

Jeremy and I had the most amazing date day today!!! We started off a little slow, but the end was just fantastic. We started out the day with a fantastic, just in time phone call to use some season pass tickets to see the University of New Mexico Lobos play in a conference game at the PIT. We talked about it and thought it would be a fun night. So...we went and got the tickets and then, we went to make a fun purchase. I decided to buy my own snowboard. With all of the trips that Jeremy takes each year with his kiddos snowboarding, I...well we....decided it would be a great idea to invest in my own equipment, and since the store was having a sale, what better time?? I am so excited...and it is super cute!!!
By the time we got done with the sizing and the heat molding of the boots, we were STARVING!!! So, we decided to go to a local legend of a restaurant here in Albuquerque, The Frontier Restaurant. We had never been there, it is a sad thing for a UNM student to admit she has never been there, but it's true. I don't know why I hadn't was AMAZING!!! After our great lunch, we walked just down the street to hang out at our favorite study coffee shop. I got a WHOLE lot of work done...if only I had another day of that kind of studying I might be caught up.
When it was about an hour and a half before the game we had a great couple of slices of pizza and made our way to The PIT. As we parked, entered the arena and walked down the stairs to our seats we were both very excited!!! As The PIT started to fill up, the energy in there rose. It was a great loud game, and was extremely full of energy!!! We had a great time standing, chanting and cheering as the Lobos won!!!
We finished the night off with a quick stop at the ice cream shop for a scoop and a chat. I had the best date day and I was so happy to spend it with the one I love. I can't wait for the next non-negotiable date night (or day)....we'll have to see how we top this one!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a Great Valentines Day!!

I had the most amazing Valentines Day with my amazing Valentine...wanna hear about it??
  • I was so surprised with my flower delivery from my amazing fiance this morning.
  • We had a great lunch and tasted our food for our wedding, it's going to be amazing!!
  • There's nothing better than cooking dinner with the one you love.
  • I am getting a massage....what a WONDERFUL gift!!
  • Napoleon Dynamite served us ice's true!!
  • We had a great political debate.
  • A kiss goodnight was the great cherry on top!!
I could not have asked for a better Valentine or a better Valentines Day!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I need SSL

I am truly enjoying my classes I am taking this semester. I have learned so much, and really think I can use A LOT of what I have learned in my years of teaching. One of the classes that is required is English as a Second Language (ESL). I know in this day in age, this is very important since because we have lax borders (that's a whole other blog) we have many spanish speakers migrating into our country. 

I think I need help though. The teacher I am taking this class from tells us time and time again that you don't have to speak the language to be able to teach english, but hello, lady....stop speaking spanish so I can understand your class!!! My teacher, I guess is okay, but she speaks spanish, A LOT, and I have no idea what she is saying. All I know is the others laugh, and this little white girl sits there making sure they're not laughing at me. I think in order to take this class I should have taken SSL first (if only they offered it).

Take Me Home Country Roads

Well, it's true, Jeremy and I went and looked at lots in the mountains as possible sights for us to build a house. Neither of us know whether or not it will actually be a reality, but we both love to dream and plan. We just hope one day, probably after my baptism by fire, that we will be able to do it.

Newt '08

I don't know about all of you, but I am so bummed by the election season. I just have no idea who I am going to vote for. I know I declared my feelings about Hillary getting the presidency in a previous blog. If you don't remember, check it out here. My feelings have not changed about that. I WILL NEVER vote for Hillary, but at the same time there are NO republican candidates who I will vote for either.

I am not a fan AT ALL of John McCain. I feel like if I vote for him, I'm voting for a why not just vote for Obama?? I'm not sure Huckabee could beat any of the democrat nominees, so voting for him would be a vote for a democrat. I just feel like I'm stuck. I wish Fred would have stuck it out, or....where the heck is Newt?? I say, Newt '08!!!

baptism by fire

After much thought and prayer, it is my decision to check into an internship for my teaching. I know what you may be thinking, "but Katie, you said that was like baptism by fire." Well, it's true, I have heard that is what one can equate an internship in teaching to, but I really just want to do what I love. If this means to jump in headfirst to the unknown world, I am going to go for it. 

So, I have started the process to obtain my interim license. As soon as I know what is going on with that, I will be sure to let you all know. Until then...pray for water.....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

where do I start?

These are just a few things that have been on my mind lately...hopefully I will be able to expound on them soon, until then, enjoy my list:
  • Who am I going to vote for?? A democrat or a liberal republican...both of which = the same.
  • Will Jeremy and I be able to pursue a house in the mountains?
  • Baptism by fire....should I take an internship?
  • To cruise or not to cruise?
  • How will all of this wedding stuff fall in place?
  • Why do adults take those dumb MYSPACE survey's ( I know I already blogged about that, but it's still SO annoying)
  • Hello to all those who read my blog. I love those trackers who tell you who's reading....
  • Dumb Joran Van Der Sloot 
  • I am an American Idol fanatic...I'm so glad they have started showing the better singers in the auditions. 
  • OTH....I love how they skipped the college years
  • Will I be able to stay away from coffee??
  • I love children's books...and boy do I have A LOT!!!!
  • ESL??? I think I need to take SSL
  • Will I ever get my camera fixed??
  • Our workout is going okay.....
  • Weddings are expensive....
  • So much for my New Year's Goals....or is it too late??
Okay, I think I'll stop there for now. As soon as I talk about all of these I will be Mrs. Rodriguez and teaching....or hopefully I can bust them out in a timely manor.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

before I die

I want to go to Pennsylvania on February 2 and see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not...

Friday, February 01, 2008

SW, Coffee, Woody

1. Today Jeremy and I got to hang out and just be. It was great!! It our "being-ness" we watched a cute movie, "Sydney White." I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good smile and pick me up.

2. As part of our "being-ness" day, we wanted to hang out at our favorite coffee shop, but when it got to be 8:30 pm I was tired and I was trying to talk him out of it. Like a great fiance, he drug me kicking and screaming (okay, maybe not that bad), but I'm so glad he did. It was refreshing.

3. We were talking tonight about Woody Woodpecker, so I checked out some old episodes on YouTube...too funny!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Giggly, Snow Day, W2

1. Waiting anxiously like a 2nd grader for school to be cancelled for the day brings a bit of the giggles to my heart.

2. There is nothing better to do on a snow day than hang out at home with the one you love.

3. W2's which tell you you're getting a great refund back are beautiful!!

snow day!!!

So here it is, 9 o'clock in the morning and I am giddy like a 2nd grader. The reason: SNOW DAY!!!!! Isn't it amazing how the little things, like a class being cancelled, can really just brighten your day?

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm disgusted

Have you become as disgusted with our world as I have? Just in case you haven't, here are some headlines I read today:
  • Marijuana vending machines pop up in L.A.
  • Mom on trial in baby's microwave death
  • Dad uses stun gun to make toddler 'tough'
  • Mayor uses magazine as ID at airport
  • Kindergartner accuses 2 classmates of sexual assault
  • Husband arrested after wife's body found in freezer
  • Family lost in woods says ranger would not help them
Seriously, what is this world coming to?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

back to bed

Have you ever had one of those days when you just really don't feel good, don't want to do what you need to do, and would rather just go back to bed? Those days when it seems like nothing goes right, you are the bad guy, and you just want to go back to bed? Do you ever have those days where you feel like you have so much on your plate and it would just be easier to go back to bed? Do you ever have those days when you have so much to do, but you can't, cause you can't get out of bed?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Skinny??, Excitement, CYA

1. I love doing pilates. Even though the work is hard, I know the benefit will be beautiful.

2. It's amazing the happiness and joy a dog has when he sees his owner. Wouldn't it be nice for someone to go nuts over us like that when we come home?

3. We have a great Bible study group. I'm so saddened I'm going to miss our Monday nights due to class. 

flash forward

We were watching 3:10 to Yuma the other night, and there was a character that looked familiar, but I couldn't figure out who it was. Turns out, it was Tucker from the Disney Channel show Flash Forward. Anyone else remember this show?? I loved it!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Darkness, Home, Sorry Mac

1. There is nothing like a dark room when you have a headache, I think it's about the only time I find the dark beautiful.

2. I think it was a slip of the tongue (or fingers since I was texting), but I told Jeremy I was going home as we were walking into church. That place really has turned into a second home to me.

3. It's great to take some time for yourself without the distraction of the mac (or whatever piece of technology distracts you). Today, I was going to get online, but decided I just didn't want to. It's great to say "no" to the things that control you life sometimes.

he's still...and i'm still...

Last night I was in the mood for a new book. I have this book that has sat on my bookshelf for months now, and I finally decided to crack it open, especially with the primaries that are going on. The book: "The Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama. I don't know what I was thinking. I think I was feeling weak since I don't like any of the republican candidates and was looking for someone to cling to. I only got through the prologue when I put it down (don't worry, I still plan to pick it back up) and thought that this relationship was never going to work. He's still a hardcore liberal, and me, well, I'm still a hardcore conservative. Sorry Barack, no hard feelings.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

NMTA, Sandias, Foam

1. It is such a beautiful thing to complete a task that has to be done in order to continue with your passion. 

2. Looking out the windows, I am in awe of the pink mountains in front of me. 

3. For my fellow coffee lovers out there, isn't the sounds of milk steaming just mouth watering?

where's the passion??

Well, today was the day of tests....why teachers are required to get up at the crack of dawn to take teaching credential tests, I have no idea, but we are and today was my day. So, I got up at 630 am and made my way into Albuquerque with hundreds of other teachers to test my knowledge for 4 hours and then got a lunch break before I had to go back for another round. Yeah, it's true, I did my last two tests today and let me tell you....I have a headache. 

One thing I noticed, however, was the look on the faces of the teachers there, and their negative comments. This one lady sitting next to me decided to tell me how draining teaching is. I think her exact words were, "it just takes the life out of me". Gee thanks lady...I really wanted your ENCOURAGING words as I embark on my life long dream. It just makes me wonder why she is continuing in a career that "takes the life out of her". If it were me and I was that unhappy, I would find a new profession, if not for my own sanity for the sake of the kids. 

It's a no wonder some kids these days are receiving poor education. We have teachers out there who aren't at all passionate about what they are doing, while individuals like myself are working their tail off to do what they love. It just begs to question, what do we do about this? How do we get rid of these people and get more passionate teachers into the schools? Do we really need to reform the testing and raise the standards of our students learning, or raise the passion level of the educators which will in turn allow our kids to be more excited and learn?

Friday, January 18, 2008

got organized??

Have you ever taken the time to get organized, and I mean really organized?? I did today, and it feels great. I have made it a new years goal to stay organized and on top of my school work this year. No more stressing out last minute. No more wondering what it is I have going on, on what day, and just flying by (while still getting A's) the seat of my pants. No more saying, "where did I write down that homework assignment?" No, it is my goal to stay organized and on top of it. With the planning of the wedding, I just can't do it any other way.

So, today, Jeremy and I went out and bought new planners. (It's an amazing thing to buy planners the third week into the new year because they are all 75% off...but that's besides the point.) I spent the morning writing in my new planner birthdays, church events, school going ons, and my to do list for the day. It was an amazing feeling laying everything out, and actually following my to do list. I will let you know if I keep this up (as I sometimes slack as time goes on), but hopefully I will and it will be a smooth sailing semester.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Memaw, Family, Jeremy

1. It's great to reminisce when celebrating a life.

2. I have the best family in Texas. They are so warm and caring and genuine. 

3. Jeremy is great. In the midst of grief he could have chosen to stay at home, instead he came 5 hours to Texas with me. I loved having him by my side through this, and here to meet my family. I love him so much!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

where is she getting her coffee??

They other night I was watching my favorite nighttime movie, "You've Got Mail" and I was completely annoyed by one of the scenes. You know the scene where Meg Ryan's character goes into Starbucks? Well if you don't let me set the scene for you:
Meg Ryan walks into Starbucks....gets to the counter...orders a tall skim caramel macchiato...waits less than 15 more seconds and walks out.

Let me tell you why I'm bugged by this:
  1. She never pays. She just walks up, orders and takes her drink. No money is even exchanging hands.
  2. She orders a tall, yet gets a grande. Now, I have had this happen a couple of times, but hello, its never been caught on tape to prove it.
  3. She waits less than 15 seconds for her coffee. I have never waited less than 2 minutes, let alone seconds.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What are you, 13??

So, I was checking out my myspace today and was just struck by something that I find annoying. Instead of a way to announce something that is going on in your life, bulletins have turned into those crazy forward survey's from high school where you talk about your last kiss, last person you talked to, what you're wearing, etc. I don't know about you, but I kind of grew out of all of these in HIGH SCHOOL!!! I don't understand why people who are almost 30 years old or older are publishing these survey's. Anyone else get annoyed by this?? And does anyone ever read them??

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oldies, Jamie, Flowers

1. There is nothing like getting up in the morning and sweating to the oldies.

2. I'm so glad One Tree Hill is back on, and what's even more exciting is that they started 4 years in the future....yay we don't have to suffer through the gang at college. And little Jamie....too cute!!

3. What a joy it is to have an appointment with what I'm lacking in regards to the wedding...the florist. I'm almost there!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

This morning I woke up, turned on the TV and heard a familiar chant, a chant that I have loved since I was in elementary school. The chant: "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!" But, I wasn't watching my favorite movie, I was watching the news this morning getting caught up on what I missed while I was dreaming. Those on the TV were not chanting for Rudy Ruettiger, but rather were chanting for Rudy Giuliani.

I have mixed emotions about this chant. For those of you who know, I am a huge Rudy (Ruettiger) fan, and am still torn on the other Rudy. Hearing the chant, however, almost gave him an edge up. How fair is this? How fair is it for the Giuliani camp to play on my Rudy emotions? On the other hand, who do they think they are to take this well known chant and use it to their advantage? Giuliani camp, you may have thought you were doing good and hoping to make my mind up, but honestly I'm just as torn as I was before.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Clouds, Flowers, Patience

1. It's a beautiful thing to wake up to a cloudy sky. I don't know what it is, but I love to hang out on cloudy days. It brings me comfort!!

2. It's amazing how a table of flowers can just make you say "WOAH!" There are such amazing colors and smells that flowers have, it's a wonder we don't all take the time anymore to stop and smell them.

3. I have the most amazing fiance. He will spend an afternoon at a bridal fair and appear to enjoy it. He is an amazing man!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Best, Satellite, Kelly

1. Jeremy and I always have so much fun fixing dinner together. Even when it isn't the best dinner, it's still the best night.

2. It's great to get back to your old hang out spot.

3. My matron of honor is amazing. We talked for so long today and got caught up with life and love. I really made the right choice with her!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Favorite, Normality, PJ's

1. Do you ever have one of those things you really love and then it's gone...but when it comes back it's amazing?? That was my feeling today when I checked my favorite bloggers site and he posted a new blog. He has amazing insight and I'm glad it's back!

2. It's amazing what a little cleaning and organizing can do to make your life seem normal and beautiful again.

3. Lazing around the house all morning, when it's something you don't usually do can be very rewarding!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Reliant, PS, Green

1. Relying on your family through everything. When you have a good one, you can really do that...and me?? I can really do that.

2. It's amazing how those three simple words can mean the world to you. We saw PS I love you today and him ending his letting in that simple phrase was just beautiful and touching.

3. Here in NM we have a saying, "Red or Green". For me, today, the Green Chili Ranch was fantastic. You know me, there's always beauty in food.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Stillness, Excitement, Arms

1. The peaceful serenity of a snow covered mountain. 

2. The excitement of students as they head home from a busy few days.

3. The chance of finally getting to cuddle with the one I love. 

This new year

Jeremy does a great thing. Instead of making resolutions, he makes goals for the new year. So, here are my goals:
  • Read more
  • Work out and get in honeymoon shape
  • Pass all of my classes with A's and start student teaching
  • Get back to my passions, especially photography and scrapbooking
  • Finish the latchhook
  • Pursue a more intimate relationship with God
  • Stay up to date on my blogs
  • Control my impulses....especially when I'm mad
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Tell those I love how much I appreciate them more often
  • Enjoy life and live it to the fullest

What I remember most!!

2007 was a year of many great (and not so great) memories. Here is what happened this year:
  • An amazing trip to San Antonio to start the year.
  • Realizing Jeremy and I can make it through many things, mostly with our heads held high. 
  • Getting to see my favorite place in the world (Montana) and being able to share it with the one I love.
  • Impatience.....only to be followed with an amazing proposal. 
  • People began to show their true colors.
  • The fun time of wedding planning began. Little blood and tears, but much joy!
  • Starting my teaching classes and realizing where it is I am supposed to be.
  • Everyone forgetting my birthday, except for those who truly love me.
  • Sharing my favorite way to celebrate Thanksgiving (in Colorado) with Jeremy.
  • Sharing with family and friends in our first Wedding Shower. 
  • Rolling in the excitement of starting a new year with hopefully even more great memories.