Thursday, October 19, 2006

Living Life with Excitement

I went to Sam's Club today and bought one of my all time favorite movies as a little girl growing up, The Little Mermaid. I was so excited to get it home and unwrap it. I felt like I was 7 years old again going to see it in the theatre for the first time. Yes, it came out in 1989…can you believe that??

The one main theme that struck me in the movie, and really made me think about my life and how I live it was Ariel's desire to live as a human, and experience what you and I do on a daily basis and probably take for granted. Ariel sings a song about being a part of the human world. She talks about having "gadgets and gizmos a plenty" but those things don't matter to her, all she wants to do is live and experience things as a human does, as you and I do. What is so funny about the "gadgets and gizmos" she has, is that they are actually things that are found in the human world. So she has all these "things" a human has, but that doesn't matter. She just wants to dance, walk, and lay in the sand. She wants to experience life as you and I are able to do.

Sebastian, the lobster who is a sort of spy for her father, sings about being under the sea and enjoying what she has there. He sings that everything is better, and everyone gets along under the sea. The humans, he sings, just have a lot of sand while they, under the sea have this hot crustacean band…now who wouldn't want to stay where that is? Ariel's just not having it though. She has her dreams, she wants to experience life. She even goes as far as selling her voice, the one thing she has that is really special to her, just so she can walk with the humans.

I sometimes wonder if I live my life with that much excitement and desire. I don't really think I do all the time. I think in some areas of my life, such as school, I just go through the motions with little excitement and no desire apart from graduating and getting my piece of paper. I think sometimes I miss out on the beauty in certain things just because I lack the excitement Ariel has. So it is my goal to live life, every aspect of it, like Ariel did when she was given the chance.

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