Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Around the Office

So I'm sitting at work trying to think of something to write about since I have been so lax lately, and I'm drawing a blank. So I have decided to describe some things to you I see while sitting at my desk.

1. On top of the filing shelves there is a skull of a horse. Granted it is a horse vet I am working for, but honestly the thing freaks me out. His (or maybe it was a her, I'm not quite sure) teeth are as long as my pinkie. I could fit my hand in its nose opening. It's just a little creepy. I love horses, but not when their skulls are staring at me. And why does he have to face me and stare at me?? Why can't he face the wall or the door or something? It was funny during Halloween one of the clients said we should put lights in his holes for his eye way, that would really creep me out.

2. The EXIT sign in its big glowing red letters right above the huge glass door. Honestly, I can understand the signs in the back where it's dark and the doors aren't a huge thing of glass, but if anyone mistakes this glass door for anything other than an exit...they are lacking a few marbles.

3. Outside this huge glass front door I have an amazing view of the mountains. They are big and beautiful. I usually work until 5 or 6 depending on the day and they are just magnificent when the sun starts to set.

4. The time clock has proven to be an interesting feature to the office. It is placed right by the big glass front door, so that when people come in they can punch in and when they leave just punch out. Inevitably, someone always forgets to do one or the other, or sometimes both. Me, unfortunately, being one of them.

Okay...that's all for now. I must get back to work, but I'll be sure to describe more for you at a later date.

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