Monday, November 20, 2006

Me, I want a Hula-Hoop

Well, I'm finally getting into the spirit of this lovely time of year called Christmas, not to be confused with Xmas!! The Christmas music is now playing 24 hours a day on Magic 99.5 our local easy listening station and I am thrilled. I head a couple of songs on my way into work today that really took me back to my youth.

The first was The Chipmunks singing "Christmas Don't Be Late." This was one of my favorite songs as a kiddo, I think it had to do with how much I really enjoyed watching the Chipmunks. I remember sitting in our living room and getting into the collection of records (yes, records and not CD's or tapes) my parents used to have in our book case. I would search through them until I found that familiar blue cover. I would put the record on and play that same song over and over while singing to my little hearts content.

The second song, which came on after The Chipmunks, took me back to my year on the gymnastics team. Being on the team, we would have to practice 6 days a week, and that meant Saturdays were spent at the gym. I remember one Saturday in particular when we were practicing tumbling a song came on, it was Elvis's "Blue Christmas." I remember my coach, who was a huge Elvis fan, turning it up and singing, while us girls were busting our butts on the mat. Good times!!!

So, I suppose I'm finally in the spirit. I know it's still a little before Turkey day, but it's still Turkey week so that counts...right??

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