Monday, November 06, 2006

Earlier and Earlier

I am a huge fan of Christmas, especially Christmas music. We have this easy listening station here in town that plays Christmas music 24/7 starting the Friday after Thanksgiving, it's great!!! But how early is too early for Christmas to start coming? Stores start setting up Christmas stuff shortly after the 4th of July. I remember going to Hobby Lobby while Jeremy was in Poland in July and seeing Christmas decorations. I think it's just crazy for stores to start so early. We end up missing out on so many other holidays along the way because we are concentrating on getting to Christmas. I get annoyed by the early decorating. Yesterday while I was watching the Broncos win, there were so many Christmas commercials. I went to Hobby Lobby Saturday and not only did they have the decorations up, but they were playing Christmas music on the intercom. People!!! It's one thing to decorate, it's another to already be playing the Christmas music. I think everyone just needs to hold off and take one holiday at a time. Let's get through Thanksgiving first...and then we can think about Christmas!!

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