Sunday, November 05, 2006


I know Jeremy is the one with the Observation blog, which honestly I think is great!! But because of this, I am more aware of observations I make during the day. Let me share with you some that I can remember that happened today!!

1. I really enjoy my Beauty Times 3 blog, however, I have sometime when I just really want to have a blog about the 3 things that really bug me or annoy me in the day. I am reminded, however, that Beauty Times 3 allows me to find what joy may be in these annoyances.

2. People who write blogs and post them publicly should be aware that there may be some that disagree with you and even attack you for your thoughts. You just have to be prepared to take this, sometimes even with a grain of salt, and not attack back. When you post something publicly you can't be upset when there are people who oppose you.

3. Women have this incredible sixth sense to communicate with one another without communicating. Take for instance this morning, there was an interesting woman who walked into Starbucks while my mom and I were there. Without saying a word, we just looked at each other and immediately knew what the other was thinking.

4. Jeremy has a love for movies and stories, however he doesn't like to read fiction books. To me they seemed the same until he gave me his reasoning for this. makes total sense!! He is great with his methods to his madness!!

There were more today....but now I'm forgetting...I'll get back to you with the rest when I remember. Until then....

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