Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm Thankful For...

So it's that time of year to remember the things I am thankful for. Of course there is the usual family, friends, love and freedom, but I thought I would also share some things that don't usually get remembered.

1. The T9 function for text messaging. It sure made texting under the table in class so much easier.

2. Thumb drives. Without which I would not be able to have my "secret" IM talks.

3. Google. Now that man was a genius.

4. Drive thru starbucks. Not only do I get my coffee...I don't even have to get out of my car.

5. Bluetooth. Not only can I talk on the phone without holding it to my ear, this allows my handset to be free so I can talk and text. What an amazing thing!!

6. TIVO. Oh this is my friend.

7. TV shows on DVD. I can watch a whole season of West Wing in a weekend.

8. The Rolls at Texas Road House...and lets not forget that cinnamon butter too. YUMMMM!!

9. Colored pens. I get tired of writing in black and blue, I love the purple and pink I have added to my life.

10. The little light you can put on your key chain so you can see the lock when locking or unlocking doors.

11. Self sticking envelopes. Sure saves having to taste that icky glue.

12. Individually packaged meals. Without which I would not have breakfast or lunch.

13. Strawberry flavored Chap stick.

14. Automatic shut-off lights for the headlights on my car.

15. Self Check line at the grocery store. I was never a fan, now I'm a believer.

16. My ionic blow dryer which has cut my hair drying time in half.

17. Rechargeable batteries for my camera. I go through them like crazy.

18. Haha....the words "Just in Case!!" =)

19. Daily contacts.

20. Two words...Grey's Anatomy. They give me the drama in life I need.

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