Saturday, November 18, 2006

Embrace your Happy Feet

Last night, Jeremy and I went to see the movie Happy Feet. It was a story about a young Penguin, named Mumble, who, when hatched was different than the other Penguins. Even before he was completely hatched, Mumble had this amazing love for tapping his feet. He didn't really waddle like the rest of the penguins, he tap danced his way here and there. The young Penguins went to school not to learn to read and write like we do, what purpose would they have for that? Rather, they went to school to develop their "heart-song" which is used to find a mate. Mumble, however, could not sing (boy can I relate!!) and this was unheard of in the bird community. Every bird sings, and since Mumble didn't he was always considered an outcast and who the elders thought of as one who would lead a rebellion. The other problem with Mumble's inability to sing was the question of how he would find his mate. In the penguin community, it is your "heart-song" that allows you to find a mate, and since Mumble couldn't carry a note to save his life, there was always the question as to how he would do this.

Mumble never allowed his inability to sing to damper his life. He would still sing his little heart out even though he was always off tune. And although he was often told how weird and different he was, he never let that stop him from tapping his happy feet. His Dad even said "It just ain't Penguin" for him to dance around the way he does. Through all the ridicule, Mumble never allowed this to get him down. He just used the gift he had to get him through life. It was his dancing feet that helped save the penguin community by finding the "alien" who was taking their fish, and even used his happy feet to tap the "heart-song" that found him the love of his life, Gloria.

I look at Mumble and think how I just need to use the gifts God has given me. In a society where conformity is how we get through life, we want to look a certain way, or act a certain way, we need to look to our gifts and talents and embrace them. What are your "Happy Feet" and will you embrace them?

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