Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Five E's of an Affair

"This is how you get an affair going. This is to warn you, not to train you alright! You start with the Elimination of tenderness and respect. You go from elimination to an Encounter - you meet someone. You go from an encounter to Enjoyment because that person gives you the hormone that your mate gave you and cut you off from. You go from enjoyment to Expedition and that's where you expedite the relationship and make sure you end up in that person's presence and you enjoy it from a distance - you have Fantasy Island. And then there comes a time that you build a bridge to Fantasy Island and that's the E of Expression." This is the weekly Audio Devotional from Tommy Nelson who does a study on the Song of Solomon.

It must be in the air, but the talk of infidelity and affairs keeps popping up this week, and quite frankly I'm getting disgusted. I was watching the Today show this past week and they were talking about affairs. A website "" was the center of the segment. Yes, can you believe there is a website that matches those people who wish to have affairs with their husbands or wives? They profiled this one guy who met a woman on the site and then agreed to meet with her. Of course the woman he was to meet was a decoy so that he could get caught on TV to discuss what he was doing. It was just sickening that he was there for "a little fun on the side".

Later in the week the Today show had a woman on who had written a book about women who date and seek out married men. This really set me off. I couldn't believe to the extent these women chase married men. They seek out married men like it's a game that they were able to take these men's attention from their wives.

I'm not quite sure what the point of this series was. Maybe it was for these women to get their stories out so they could wake up and realize what they're doing. Maybe it was for us women to realize what does go on sometimes. Either way, I have become disappointed in women, that some would hurt another woman like that, often times intentionally.

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Anonymous said...

That is so crazy! I just got that email from Tommy Nelson yesterday! It is pretty sad stuff!!