Monday, March 23, 2009

I Am Thankful for My Husband

Gathering At the Well

This week At the Well, the discussion revolves around our husbands and why we are thankful for them. There are many ways I am thankful for Jeremy, but here are just a few:

  • His love for the Lord
  • He is patient with the most impatient woman 
  • He is willing to try, even when it's hard
  • He is eager to learn
  • He is always seeking to grow and learn what it means to be a husband and a man of God
  • He will sit and watch a chick flick with me even when Transformers is new in the theatre
  • He opens all doors for me, even the car door
  • He loves me, even when I am hard to love
Lord, I thank you so much for Jeremy and the man you have made him. From the moment you brought him into my life, I have seen who I can be in You and for You. He is not only my lover, but my best friend and for that I can thank no one but You who brought him to me.


Joyfull said...

Beautiful!! Have a great day.

Laurie Ann said...

So sweet! He sounds like a great guy!

lori said...

Your wedding pic is beautiful! What a beautiful list...may love and honor be yours all the days of your lives!


June said...

I so enjoyed your list of why you are thankful for your husband, your pictures were puuuurrfect.


Linda said...

Katie, I liked your picture. What a cute couple!

Thanks for sharing the list about Jeremy.

You are blessed!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Ashley Wells said...

Thanks so much for joining and sharing!

Aren't we all so blessed!