Monday, March 02, 2009

101 in 1001 Update

What a great a wonderful week this past week was. I felt so accomplished in all I was doing. Here are my 101 in 1001 updates:

43. Plant a vegetable garden - A few weeks back I got the seeds for our garden. It's so hard to find them when it's actually planting season, so this year, I stocked up early. Yesterday, I started our tomato plants inside. I find that planting tomato seeds is much harder than an actual tomato plant. We usually just buy one, but I thought I would give my hand and starting my own inside. 

72. Write 101 comments on others blogs (9/101) - Lately I have been getting into blogging more through carnivals or memes. I have loved meeting other great women this way. In doing so, I have been learning to encourage others more, and the best way to do that in the blogging world is to leave comments. I have loved this goal.

Other goals I am continually working on:
1. Lose 20 pounds (4/20)
4. Read 101 new books (1/1001)
8. Do 25 push-ups and sit ups every day (1/1001)
17. Don't watch TV for at least one day each week (1/143)
18. Stay off the computer for at least one day each week (4/143)
20. Paint the house (2/9 rooms)
37. Pay off our debt
39. Stick to our monthly budget (0/33 months)
40. Save $2,000 using coupons ($79.40/$2,000)
41. Write why my husband rocks each Friday (2/143)
64. Get to know our neighbors
67. Send a thank you note for every gift received
69. Write and mail at least one handwritten letter each month (2/33)
70. Blog my progress
79. Read every book of the bible (1/66 books or 53/1189 chapters)

If you want to check out my complete list, click here.
Check back next week for more updates, and, remember to keep me accountable!

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Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity said...

101 in 1001-- interesting concept! Where did you get the idea?