Monday, March 02, 2009

Menu Plan Monday


As part of learning what it means to be a housewife, I have been struggling with cooking dinner at home, rather than going out to eat. I find it so much easier to go to a local restaurant because I don't have something planned, or I'm too tired, or I don't have all of my ingredients to fix what I thought we were having for dinner. 

So, I have been planning my meals out. I actually have the whole month planned, but I have learned sometimes things come up and we don't stick to that. I am going to join up with I'm an Organinzing Junkie to work on planning and posting my meals for the week. I hope this will help me stick to my goal of not eating out, as well as connect with other women who may be in my same shoes. 

Our meals for this week:

Monday - Bible Study dinner out.

Tuesday - Dinner at the Porter's - Dinner with my family

Wednesday - Taco Melt

Thursday - Sweet and Sour Chicken

Friday - Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots

Saturday - Leftovers

Sunday - Baked Chicken

I'm just going to start out posting dinner. Baby  steps, right??


Anonymous said...

Yummy!! I can't wait!

SavingSomeGreen said...

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday. You are going to love it. Even if you can't stick to it exactly, it is so great to have a plan. Good luck!