Monday, March 09, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It's Monday, and that means my second chance at menu planning for the week. Last week, I didn't quite stick to the plan, we had a lot of unexpected plans. However, we didn't run to the usual fast food restaurant when our plans were changed, so for that I am happy for the meal planning.

Here is our meal plans for this week:

Monday - Buffalo Wild Wings - usual Monday bible study choice of restaurant

Tuesday - Dinner with my parents

Wednesday - Baked Chicken (rolled over from last week)

Thursday - Hamburger Helper and Salad ( I have a lot of these to use up from when we stocked up when we first got married)

Friday - Roast, potatoes and carrots (rolled over from last week)

Saturday - Italian Crescent 

Sunday - Left overs

It is my hope to have a few recipes up this week, especially from our yummy Taco Melt we had last week!!

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