Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Kettle Club

The Kettle Club was started over at Exemplify Online's Blog as a way for us women to remember, through our busy world of blogging, the importance of getting into God's word BEFORE we start blogging. I have found this extremely important to keep God first and in turn it makes my day a WHOLE lot better.  

Kristen, the wonderful leader of The Kettle Club, posted numerous questions for us to consider and the one I will be tackling is:

What is a stand out lesson you learned this month? What has the Lord been steadily teaching you?

As I have talked about previously, I have really been struggling with God's will and what He has called me to be as a new wife and woman of God, and the needs my husband has. I have focused on making our house a home and brining a heart into it, but those things weren't on the top of my husbands list as "needs". Since writing about that, I have really been working on seeking what Jeremy needs as well as continuing to seek out what God has called me to be.

The other thing I am really learning this month is about Goals. In our small group, we are reading through a book, Victory Over the Darkness by Neil Anderson and as soon as we are done I am excited to share with you what the book has taught me and how I will apply what I have leaned to my walk with God. One of the key themes the past few weeks, however, has been Goals. 

We all have goals for our lives. Me, I want to eventually pursue my dream of being a teacher, Mom and owner of a border collie (to be named later). These are my "within 5 years" goals, but are they what God has planned for me? Are they His goals? This, I find, is one of the hardest things to see. I struggle with hearing God voice and discerning what and where He wants me to be and do.

I'm so excited about The Kettle Club. I'm excited to be kept accountable for putting God before my blogging, and I'm excited to meet amazing Godly woman. I hope you check it out!! 


Joanne Sher said...

Seeking God's will SOUNDS easy, doesn't it? But knowing what God's goals are for you is a neverending journey. You are doing well to seek Him! So glad you're part of the kettle club!

Kristen said...

I think it is amazing how the Lord teaches the same thing to people who've never met! Girlfriend, I get you with the "goals" situation. I've been there and I've done that! I am praying for you.

I've loved getting to know you through the Kettle Club. I will be back for sure!

Shane said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for sharing your heart. I too have struggled with finding my place. I sometimes wonder if God calls us to be in that "limbo" state to help us focus soley on Him. Although I know it to be frustrating, it sounds like you are finding fufillment.

Lori said...

Hi Kate, I enjoyed reading this. I think marriage is one of the hardest things, but has the greatest rewards. Going on 16 years for me, there were times it looks to difficult but I can say now I am so glad I stuck it through. I enjoyed reading your "God' heart" for you and your marriage.