Thursday, March 26, 2009

BBB -- Week One


Kristen and Andrea have officially kicked off their virtual book club, Books Blogs and Brownies, and I couldn't be more excited. Not only to participate with these amazing ladies, but the book we are reading, The Passion of Mary-Margaret, has been powerful from the very first paragraph.

Let me just give you a taste, and see if you are not hooked on the beautiful, powerful words like I am:
My sisters, if I began the tale at the end, you would know my heart is full of love even though nothing were as planned. I could tell you God's ways are not ours, but you probably know that already. And I could tell you that his mercy takes shape in forms we cannot begin to imagine, but unless you walking in my shoes for the past seventy years, you could not feel the mercy I have been given. The mercy God gives us is our own to receive, and while sometimes it overlaps with others' like the gentle waves of the bay on the banks of which I now sit, for the most part, the sum and substance of it, the combination of graces, is as unique as we are.
I just LOVED that first paragraph!!

As part of our online book discussion, the girls posted the following questions for us to consider this week while reading.
  • In what ways might the conception and birth of Mary-Margaret, in all of its violence and pain, be something the Lord is going to use for His glory? Is it possible for someone to come from such traumatic beginnings and live a life that shines for Him?
  • On page 9, Mary-Margaret describes the scene of her Mother's death, writing "The blood she gave for me. Yes, I'm painfully aware of the symbolism." In what ways could this statement foreshadow events to come? Do you see a story of redemption on the horizon?
As I have learned, God uses everything for His glory. But, I feel that He uses pain and sorrow, especially for His glory. I agree with Andrea, that it is during times of tragedy that I cling to God more. Although I do wish that I could do this all times, I feel God not only uses tragedy in our lives to help us to grow closer to Him, but also to develop our character even more. I'm really excited to read and learn more about Mary-Margaret and the woman she was, but I feel had she not come from tragedy her life would not be as glorifying as I am predicting it will be.

I feel because Mary-Margaret did point out the symbolism of her mother giving up her life for Mary-Margaret, this will be a theme for the book. The way I see her talking, in my head, gives me a sense that Mary-Margaret is a woman that did make sacrifices for others, and often times more than she realized. I am not a mother, but lately I have been reading and watching TV shows that have been focusing on mothers dying during childbirth. For me, this is a scary thought, but it also shows the sacrifices that mothers are willing to make, and further illustrates the sacrifice Jesus made. It leads me to wonder, would I be willing to make this sacrifice not only for an unborn child of mine someday, but for others as well? And to take that even further, would I be willing to make that sacrifice for God? I don't know, but I think Mary-Margaret could be a great example through her story of redemption.

I'm so excited to see Mary-Margaret's character develop, and I'm really curious about this Jude she keeps referencing. And why can't we know what happened in Aruba....curiosity is sure killing this cat!! =o)

If you would like to join us, check out Andrea @ Under Grace & Over Coffee or Kristen @ Dancing in the Margins.


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts, Katie! We're pretty much on the same page (groan, I know!! :P)

Thanks also for your input on how much to read for next week - we appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Is Lisa Samson's writing style not one of the most beautiful you've ever read?!? I, like you, was hooked after the first paragraph. Have you read Embrace Me by her? It. Is. Amazing.

Love your input and am so glad you are joining us. I agree with everything you've noted. : )

Anonymous said...

:) I want to know who Jude is and what happened in Aruba too! haha!

I wholeheartedly agree with you about the pain and suffering...

And her writing is so beautiful. I love how you described it!

This book club is going to be such fun!

Lula! said...

I could not put it down. And Kristen didn't tell me I wasn't supposed to read ahead, so I've already read the entire book.

It gets better the more you read.

Last Friday I was getting highlights, crying under the dryer...literally sobbing over Mary Margaret's story. I didn't want the book to end.

p.s. Kristen mentioned "Embrace Me." That's the next one I'm reading...I've decided I love Lisa Samson as much as Francine Rivers.