Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Attention All Newlyweds

A few weeks back, Jeremy and I were hanging out at the Christian book store just killing some time before a movie. We really love to do this every once in awhile. It's cheaper to browse than buy, but for some reason I can't walk out of there without a book that caught me eye. 

This trip, however, was a more frugal one (thank me, honey) and I found a book on the clearance shelf. I thought the title was fitting, and the cover cute. After picking it up and reading this on the back cover, 

"For years, you dreamed about meeting Mr. RIght, and finally you found him. Next came romantic dates, then a beautiful wedding, and now...reality.

Is married life different than you thought it would be - or maybe a lot different? Do you wonder if something is wrong, if other people feel the same way about their new marriages? Are you sometimes intimidated by wives who seem to have it all together?

Marla Taviano has been there. Marries only seven years, she knows what it's like to adjust from unrealistic expectations to real life.

Relax. You're not alone. You too can experience God's best for your marriage and made a successful transition from blushing bride to wedded wife."

I knew I had to get this book. Yesterday, I finally picked it up, after I have seen it sitting on my nightstand for weeks. I didn't know why I didn't do this sooner. Marla must have been looking into my future when she wrote this book. I am only through the first couple chapters, but I can't put it down. It is so funny and informative and encouraging that I can't get enough.

As soon as I finish "From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife" by Marla Taviano I will be sure to write a review, but as far as I can see now, this is a MUST READ for newlyweds!

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Joyfull said...

I wish there was a book like this 20 years ago! It is such a blessing to see you have the hearts desire to be a godly wife. May your future be blessed greatly!