Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So Long Yazawa

I have this history professor that I have taken for three semesters now. He is really a great lecturer and I learn so much from his class, however, he is the worst grader in the history of graders. He has this thing that if you don't say EXACTLY what he want you to say in your term papers or exams he docks you points. Seriously, I work harder in his class than I do in any other class I have ever had, and I am still lucky if I can pull a C.

That's just how it is with his class. When talking to others who have had him, they either hate or adore his class...there's no in between. I am definitely one who adores his class. I enjoy the challenge and how hard I have to work. He actually makes me learn, but seriously, can we chill out on the grading?? Just dial it down a notch!!

I just finished my final with him and oh what a relief. It has been one rocky semester with school in general and to have a Yazawa class just makes it that much harder.'s over and although I have only completed 3 of his 4 class series, I'm done. My GPA cannot take another beating. And there is no way I'm going to suffer through another one of his classes my last semester. It'll be sad that I don't get to hear all about the Revolution, but I'm okay with that!!

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