Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Update as of December 8, 2006

Wow...what a crazy week, month, and semester. There have been many changes and many challenges.

I started off the semester thrilled with being back to school. The summer was great, but I began to get bored. August brought an end to this boredom, but a beginning of my stress. The trip to Montana in September was amazing. It was great to see old friends and make new. Being away from school for a week, however, made me start to get sick of school. So the struggle has continued until this week..my last week!! It has all almost come to an end, all I have are finals and it's FINALLY over.

I wasn't planning on working until I had graduated, or at least until my school schedule slowed down enough for me to take on a job. I don't know what my mind was thinking when I decided to start working for the vet. I was starting to get into the busy time of school after mid-terms and when I got the call and offer to work I jumped on it for some strange reason. Who knew what I was thinking. It was really hard trying to juggle the work, and studying for 6 classes...strike that, studying for 6 history and political science classes. For those of you who know, they require a bunch of reading. Somehow I was able to do it. However, I had to sacrifice many weekends with Jeremy to study.

I'm getting so excited for the trip to Illinois next weekend. I have been waiting to meet the family that this amazing man came from for a long time now. Plus, I'm going to Chicago, a place I have always wanted to see, but just never had the chance to. I am a little nervous though. I mean, this could be the make it or break it trip. I am told I have nothing to worry about by everyone who is close to me, I hope they're right.

My family is still.....my family. Full of laughs and tears. The family dynamics, however in regards to our furry four legged friends have changed. I went from having my baby BO to not almost overnight. I'm still trying to get past that. We have a new little puppy in the house, Chance. He is a crazy bundle of energy and full of kisses. Jimmy moved back from Kansas City in hopes to get on with his life. Hopefully he'll decide to go back to school.

Everyone in my house seems to be working folk now, and it kind of makes me smile. My brother got a job with the same company my Dad works for and I will be working for after Christmas. It's so great because it has caused him to turn into the old Jimmy...it's great to have my brother back. My Mom is working now as well. Not that she didn't work before, she has always had her business here at home, but now she is going to be working outside the house for just a couple of hours a day. The strange thing is she is taking my job at the horse vet and I am having to train her. WEIRD!!!

I have been totally challenged at the church working with the little tykes. I have always wanted to teach, but the little people have always intimidated me. Working with them this semester has been a wonderful challenge, so much so that I often consider switching from Secondary Ed to Elementary Ed. Speaking of getting into the Ed program I picked up my application packet for Grad School. I know, I'm probably nuts graduating and then immediately entering another 2 year program, but dang it, I want to teach and will do what it takes to do it as soon as I can!!

So there's just a little glimpse into my life this past semester. Of course it was full of a whole lot more ups and downs on this roller coaster of life, but seriously, I think this blog was long enough already and you'll just have to wait until another day to hear of the REALLY good stuff!!

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