Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Resolutions

Every year I make a list of resolutions; some I actually resolve, but others keep re-occurring on each years list. Take for instance working out. I think I have had that on my list every year since my sophomore year in college...and guess what?? It's still there. So this year I have made a list that is hopefully easier to stick to.

1. I will throw out the empty soap bottles in the shower once they run out and not allow them to accumulate.

2. I will put my shoes away in their proper place instead of starting a pile by the front door.

3. I will not paint my nails and two hours later start to pick it off. It really is a waste of time.

4. I will put my bras in the drawer instead of using the doorknob as a bra hanger.

5. I will not buy another book until I have read the one I just bought. (This one might make it to next years list.)

6. I will limit myself from being excited about going to work just to hear the new gossip.

7. I will attend all of my classes this next semester, unless I have a good excuse not to!!

8. I will eat 3 square meals a day. Starbucks does not count as a food group nor a complete meal.

9. I WILL finish the Smallville seasons so I am caught up.

10. I will follow my resolutions and not think...oh I'll save that until next year.

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