Monday, December 11, 2006

What A Great Start to a Week

What a fun weekend!!! Here's how it went:

Friday - It was my Aunt's Birthday so we went to eat at this Brazilian Grill Downtown. This is such a fun thing do to. The servers walk around to the tables offering different sort of meats to try. They slice it off and you have your tongs that you grab the meat with. YUMM!!! Oh, Yeah, and the really fun part came with a drum and tambourine!! Yeah...they beat a drum and shook a tambourine to sing her Happy Birthday!! When we finished we went and walked around looking at lights in the River of Lights which are up at the Botanic Gardens. It was amazing to see the different designs that had been made all out of Christmas Lights. And they weren't just stationary designs...they moved. Some of the fun ones were a tree going through the cycle of life and a groundhog running and diving into a hole.

Saturday- Jeremy indulged me and went as my date to the company Christmas party. It was an interesting night. I was excited to get to see all of the people I used to work with, and will be working with again soon. But it just goes to show...people are crazy while drinking. First, there was a couple dancing to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and he was pouring...his beer that is on his date while dancing. Jeremy and I left early so supposedly we missed the dirty dancing scene and the "panty-less" dancing girl. Oh the joys of Christmas parties!!

Sunday - Sunday was such a great day. I was asked to come to the church to take pictures of the Children's musical which was being held during the second service. Let me tell you, those kids are just too cute, and no matter what it is, they always do something to make everyone smile and laugh. Sunday night we FINALLY went to get our Christmas tree which will hopefully get everyone into the spirit. Sunday was spent with Jeremy all day!! It's amazing how the two of us just don't get sick of each other. No matter how much time we spend together, it just never seems enough!!

What a wonderful way to start the busy week of finals!!!

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