Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WFMW - Bounce Dryer Sheets to Clean

Every Wednesday, over at We Are That Family, helpful hints and tips are posted in what they call "Works for me Wednesday". I am new to posting to this carnival, but have loved reading the helpful tips for many weeks now. I figured it was time for me to finally get my foot in the door and share what has been helpful for me.

Being a newlywed, I am learning many things. I have learned how to do the laundry without taking 3 days. I have learned how to boil potatoes while my meat browns (seriously, I couldn't do this when we first got married), as well as scrub a toilet (again, something it took me many months to get into). Despite all of this learning, one thing I can't seem to help is burning anything and everything on my pots and pans.

I find it very frustrating to be standing over the kitchen sink scrubbing and scrubbing to no avail. That was, until I heard a helpful tip. I'm not sure where I heard this (probably one of the many many forwarded e mails from my Papaw), but to clean your scorched and nasty pans, you can put a bounce sheet in your pan, cover it with water and let it sit. So, I did this. I took my scorched and dirty pan, put a bounce sheet in it, covered it with water and let it sit overnight. 

I wasn't sure if it would work or not, but sure enough, the next morning I dumped the water and bounce sheet and rinsed my pan. It was as clean as the day I bought it. It amazed me so much that I decided I would do this every month or so to all of my pans so they would always be as shiny clean as the day I bought them. And, for me on this Wednesday, this worked for me!


Unknown said...

Welcome to WFMW!
Bounce will also get hard water spots off your shower doors!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are learning alot! I am proud of you.