Wednesday, February 18, 2009

101 in 1001 Update

I promised you an update on my 101 list. I haven't completed much, but I will update you on the few things I have done. If you want to take a look at my whole list and what I have (and haven't) accomplished, just it out here

15. Read 3 classic novels (0/3) - I started reading Little Women this past week. I love the movie, and have always wanted to read the book.

17. Don't watch TV for at least one day each week. (1/143)
18. Stay off the computer for at least one day each week. (0/143) - For each of these I have not kept up. But, it is my hope to play catch up here in the next few weeks. As I see it, I should be at 7 days. So, hopefully I can do some catching up.

19. Finish my latch hook - I have searched high and low for the materials to finish it, and have come up empty. I hope that I can find it soon.

20. Paint the house (0/9 rooms) - Yesterday, my mom came over and we started to paint the guest room. We got the first coat of paint on and will finish tomorrow. I can't wait to show you pictures of our Viking Blue room.

40. Save $2,000 using coupons ($74.40/$2,000) - This is the one task I have been keeping up with the most. I think I have missed recording a couple shopping trips, but on average I am going to pat myself on the back with this task.

42. Plant an herb garden.
43. Plant a vegetable garden - The seeds have been purchased for both of these gardens. As soon as I get some potting soil, I will be in business. I will even post pictures soon.

69. Write and mail at least one handwritten letter per month (2/33) - I just sent off my handwritten letter for this month. I have loved doing this task, and hope to do more in the coming months.

81. Do a thorough study of Proverbs 31 - I have started checking out different studies that I want to get involved with online. It is my hope to fully start this study next week.

I have been slacking a LOT, but I have also been setting the ground work for some great task completion. Check me out next week to see how I followed through.

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