Monday, February 23, 2009

101 in 1001 Update

This past week was full of steps to start to get caught up on my 101 list. You can check out my full list here, but I will tell you about the few goals I am on the path to accomplishing.

18. Stay off the computer for at least one day each week (4/143) - I had tried to start this goal before, but could not stick to it. The past 4 days, I have taken a computer fast. Although by my count, I should be at 7, hopefully this past weekend taught me how to fast each week to get to my goal.

20. Paint the house (2/9 rooms) - Jeremy and I bought new bedroom furniture. We are having it delivered today, but in an effort to prepare for this furniture, we painted two of our rooms. We painted our guest room and our bedroom. I will post pictures soon.

Outside of these two major steps, not much has been done on my list. I recently took a stand to lay off carbonated beverages as I prepare to lose my 15 pounds. Unfortunately, I added more weight over the holidays than I hoped and my 15 pounds went to 20 pounds. In the 4 days since I have laid off the cokes, I have lost 4 pounds. So, I will fix my #1 goal to be 20 pounds, but happily I am going to add that I am 4 pounds closer to that goal.

I hope you all are having a great week, and that I have inspired you to create your own list of goals to stick to!!

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