Tuesday, February 13, 2007

When did brown sugar get so light??

This afternoon I have been doing some cooking and baking. I'm cooking soup for my week adventure and I'm also baking brownies for Jeremy's birthday "cake". My mom has always been the brownie baker in our family...she loves those box mixes. For my brownies I decided to go a la scratch. I know, I know, they make those boxes for a reason, but I figured I would add some love along with my sweat and tears.

I went to the store and managed to find all of the ingredients. I was only missing the unsalted butter and the unsweetened and semi-sweet chocolate. I checked out and came home to do my baking. I should have known it was going to be a strange baking experience when the recipe asked me to grease the pan and then line it with wax paper. It seems I just greased something I didn't need to.

The second thing that made me scratch my head is...when did the brown sugar get so light? Seriously, it was a mix between the whiteness of regular sugar and the darkness of brown sugar. Come on people...I like the brown in my brown sugar (yeah baby, that's you!!) Next came the crazy question of why use unsweetened chocolate if you're just going to add sugar? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? And while I'm on that one, why use unsalted butter if you're just going to add salt when you add the flour??

It was a very interesting afternoon of baking...on top of all the questions that came to my mind I dropped the spoon in the batter not once, but twice. How annoying!!

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