Thursday, February 01, 2007

How refreshing

Yesterday I needed a BREAK...from everything. I have been under a lot of stress at my new job. I mean firing 2 people to hire half of a person means one thing...A LOT OF WORK. And that's what I have been dealing with. I have been reassured that it will get better, I'm still waiting for that day though. So, I decided to take the afternoon off from EVERYTHING. I didn't go to class and I called and had to bail on my Wednesday program with the kiddos at the church. I needed an afternoon all to myself and it was great.

Sometimes we need to do that. We need to take a break from reality and enter into our own little happy place. Whether it is just hanging out, listening to some music, doing some reading, or napping, we all need to take some mental health time. I can tell you last night when I did finally hang out with the family and Jeremy I was so refreshed. I felt like a whole new person. I just need to make sure do to that more often so I don't burn out on life. You should try it sometime too!!

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