Friday, February 02, 2007

Raggedy Ann and Andy

I decided to take a break and sit on my windowseat this afternoon. In doing so, I had to move my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls so there would be room for me. This got me thinking about these dolls that I treasure so much, so I have decided to tell you about them.

My Mom got me Ann and Andy when I was in elementary school. I remember going with her and picking out the fabric I wanted as their clothes. This made it personal for me, and made me feel special because I was involved. What is even more special about these dolls is the special message they have for me in their heart. This isn't like a build a bear where you have the "special heart" on the inside with the stuffing, this heart is on the outside so I can see it when I want. You see, embroidered on the dolls about where your heart is, is a heart with the words "Katie I Love You" inside. When I was little I remember being so excited that I had these special dolls...and they had my name on them.

Through the years I have picked up many of my dolls and my stuffed animals. My room used to be covered with them. Now, I have only my special ones that still sit out with me. And these two are a part of this special group. They remind me of the love of my family, and also to hold onto my childhood. Those were the happiest days of my life and I will always cherish my memories.

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