Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What I remember most!!

2007 was a year of many great (and not so great) memories. Here is what happened this year:
  • An amazing trip to San Antonio to start the year.
  • Realizing Jeremy and I can make it through many things, mostly with our heads held high. 
  • Getting to see my favorite place in the world (Montana) and being able to share it with the one I love.
  • Impatience.....only to be followed with an amazing proposal. 
  • People began to show their true colors.
  • The fun time of wedding planning began. Little blood and tears, but much joy!
  • Starting my teaching classes and realizing where it is I am supposed to be.
  • Everyone forgetting my birthday, except for those who truly love me.
  • Sharing my favorite way to celebrate Thanksgiving (in Colorado) with Jeremy.
  • Sharing with family and friends in our first Wedding Shower. 
  • Rolling in the excitement of starting a new year with hopefully even more great memories.

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