Friday, January 18, 2008

got organized??

Have you ever taken the time to get organized, and I mean really organized?? I did today, and it feels great. I have made it a new years goal to stay organized and on top of my school work this year. No more stressing out last minute. No more wondering what it is I have going on, on what day, and just flying by (while still getting A's) the seat of my pants. No more saying, "where did I write down that homework assignment?" No, it is my goal to stay organized and on top of it. With the planning of the wedding, I just can't do it any other way.

So, today, Jeremy and I went out and bought new planners. (It's an amazing thing to buy planners the third week into the new year because they are all 75% off...but that's besides the point.) I spent the morning writing in my new planner birthdays, church events, school going ons, and my to do list for the day. It was an amazing feeling laying everything out, and actually following my to do list. I will let you know if I keep this up (as I sometimes slack as time goes on), but hopefully I will and it will be a smooth sailing semester.

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Anonymous said...

I was rejected! Oh sad! Well, I am still proud of you for getting organized! I hope it will be a more organized, less stressed semester!!