Saturday, January 19, 2008

where's the passion??

Well, today was the day of tests....why teachers are required to get up at the crack of dawn to take teaching credential tests, I have no idea, but we are and today was my day. So, I got up at 630 am and made my way into Albuquerque with hundreds of other teachers to test my knowledge for 4 hours and then got a lunch break before I had to go back for another round. Yeah, it's true, I did my last two tests today and let me tell you....I have a headache. 

One thing I noticed, however, was the look on the faces of the teachers there, and their negative comments. This one lady sitting next to me decided to tell me how draining teaching is. I think her exact words were, "it just takes the life out of me". Gee thanks lady...I really wanted your ENCOURAGING words as I embark on my life long dream. It just makes me wonder why she is continuing in a career that "takes the life out of her". If it were me and I was that unhappy, I would find a new profession, if not for my own sanity for the sake of the kids. 

It's a no wonder some kids these days are receiving poor education. We have teachers out there who aren't at all passionate about what they are doing, while individuals like myself are working their tail off to do what they love. It just begs to question, what do we do about this? How do we get rid of these people and get more passionate teachers into the schools? Do we really need to reform the testing and raise the standards of our students learning, or raise the passion level of the educators which will in turn allow our kids to be more excited and learn?

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