Saturday, October 20, 2007

Looking at the world like a cat looking at a goldfish bowl

By sitting back and being quiet, you can often learn and observe many things. Here are a few things I have observed this week:
  • It is so nice the people who are excited to be involved in our wedding.
  • Girls, if it doesn't fit you....DON'T WEAR IT!! No one needs to see your rolls and rolls and rolls because the shirt you're wearing is 3 sizes too small.
  • Plans change....more with my family than any family I know.
  • If a week starts out stressful, more than likely it will be that way all week long.
  • Customer service is key!
  • Date night is an amazing time to spend with the one you love. And date night on BOGO is even better!!
  • Classes that last 6 minutes are a relief, especially when it's your Friday.
  • Going through a round of classes with colleagues that you have grown to rely on and trust makes school worth it.
  • Mommy and Me time is fun, I miss it.

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