Saturday, October 13, 2007


Have you ever wanted something, but it wasn't EXACTLY what you wanted so you didn't go after it? I HAVE!! I am currently working on getting my teaching license and got word of a teaching position that was open. I would be able to do this, if the school would accept me as an intern since I do have a degree. I went into Albuquerque to check with the individual who sent the e mail requesting a teacher and almost immediately decided I would not pursue the position any further.

The position is for a 1st grade teacher at a charter school. This isn't the position I want. First off, I think I want to teach an older grade. I love the 1st graders, but the curriculum I want to put in place is meant for students who are a bit older and a bit more independent. Second, I have always said I want to teach at a public school. I am a public school kid and am a huge advocate for public education vs. private education. (But that's a whole other blog...) I know a charter school isn't a private school, but still...

So, needless to say, here was a position that was open and I would probably be great at, but because of my selfishness, I didn't pursue it any further. Now, I am regretting it a bit. Here is an opportunity to teach, and I turned it down?? I can't believe myself. I will call the school first thing Monday to pursue the position, and be excited about any opportunity I could have to teach.

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