Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Just Breathe

In all of this hectic-ness this semester I think the one thing I am really having to remember to do is breathe. It's true, I am so busy this semester with classroom observations and wedding plans that sometimes I catch myself holding my breath and I have to say breathe.

I am getting ready to turn in my teaching portfolio with 28 of my 70 hours of classroom observations this semester. I didn't think I was going to get it all done, but by the grace of God I did. Monday I was in the ghetto doing my last 7 classroom observation hours. This high school is not only in a really bad part of town, you all have to remember I'm a little blonde haired white girl (PS - I was the only one of those in school). I had visions of being jumped and gang raped (yes I have a wild mind at times), but instead it was a very positive experience. The kids were great and it reinforced why I don't want to teach high school kids.

Jeremy and I are doing LOTS of wedding stuff this week. We have cake testing tomorrow and a meeting with a photographer on Friday. I'm so excited that everything is starting to get planned....FINALLY. Friday, my matron of honor, my mom and I are going dress shopping. It's the first time and I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Jeremy and I spent 2 hours (I think he thinks it was longer, but it wasn't) cutting the paper for our invitations. Once I get the rest of the supplies in for our save the date cards, they will go out. Don't forget to check your mailbox for yours.

I'm finding that it's the little things that make a wedding and that scares me. Not that I don't like the little things, cause I LOVE the little things, but I am finding more and more little things that need to be done everyday and I wonder when I will know ALL that has to be done for the wedding. I can understand why people run off to Hawaii to get married (don't think we haven't thought it), but when I think about this great day that will being together two hearts, I want nothing more to have all of those I love and who care about me to share in our day. My motto these days is, "the more the merrier", and it's true.

I hope to keep you all updated as we have more that gets done, until then....

the bride!

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