Thursday, October 04, 2007

Take the Cake...

I think I have a sugar headache, but it was all worth it. Jeremy and I had a cake tasting today for our wedding cake, and it was a BLAST!!!! We found the most amazing bakery and cake decorator. She was absolutely willing to work with EXACTLY what we wanted the cake to look like...then the fun came. We tried 5 different kinds of cake, 3 different fillings and 4 different kinds of icing.

After we had gone over all the logistics of what the cake would look like, we filled out what we would like to taste. Just awhile later, our baker, Birdie, came out with silver trays of cake, fillings and icing. After she got us all bottles of water, we got busy. It didn't take long for me to find exactly what I liked, and the triple chocolate Groom's cake took even less time.

I am so excited to have a big item marked off our list. Birdie was amazing and funny and made our cake experience great!!! I'm so excited to see the final project the day of our wedding. But, boy was I sure glad to go get some salty Italian food to cut the sugar high I was on.

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