Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Story - Part Three

If you haven't checked out Our Story Part 1 or 2 do so now, otherwise I don't know how much fun this will be for you. In fact, I think it might be nails on the chalkboard screechy and boring. Trust me, just do it!

Maybe Jeremy liked the idea of rejection. After all, he was a bit insecure in the fact that he was five years older than Katie, and there was probably no way that she'd want to date a guy that much older than her. Little did he know that Katie already had the BIGGEST crush on him, despite the fact that he was a little bit older.

They bumped into each other a third time at church, at which point Katie couldn't wait any longer for him to initiate something, so she decided to take action on her own. After church that Sunday, she went straight home and sent him a message on MySpace, and requested to be his MySpace friend. That first message to him was somewhat of a flirty email, she was just throwin' the line out there hoping he would bite. Sure enough, he did.

The two started sending messages back and forth to each other, and at one point, Katie once again took action and told Jeremy, "If you would like to hand out sometime, just give me a call. In fact, here's my number." He didn't even have to ask for it. =o)

Jeremy immediately responded with, "Uh, duh! Let's hang out!!" Of course sticking to the unspoken dating rules and etiquette, Jeremy waited a few days to actually tell her that, but he did call Katie to go out on their first date.

The two started dating one another exclusively shortly thereafter, and actually started talking about the possibility of marriage fairly early on in their relationship. They both became believers in the old saying -- "when you know, you know." However, Jeremy didn't always know. He wanted to be positive. Maybe after being a bachelor for so long, a guy want to be absolutely sure that he's making the right decision.

To help in his decision, Jeremy insisted that the two go through pre-engagement meetings with their church's pastor to make sure they were thinking about everything that would go into their commitment. While the meetings turned out to be beneficial, Katie was still growing more and more impatient, hoping that Jeremy would soon pop the question. By June of 2007, Katie was fed up with the wait, and decided to pop her own question to Jeremy and asked him, "What are you waiting for?!" Jeremy assured her that the time would come when it would be right. So, she waited, and waited, and waited some more.

Tune in next time to find out exactly how much waiting was involved. Until then...

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