Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Story - Part 2

If you didn't check out Our Story - Part One...STOP READING!!! Once you have read it, you may continue here.

Momma Porter had all kinds of questions about the upcoming Casas por Cristo mission trip that Jeremy was leading for the church. As it turned out, Momma Porter was very interested in going on the trip, not to mention, she was planning on bringing her daughter with her as well.

After Jeremy had answered all of her questions regarding the trip, he and Momma Porter chatted a little while longer, long enough for Jeremy to learn that the Porters owned a CPA firm!! Booya!! Just when he needed an accountant, God arranged for CPA Momma Porter to call him on his direct line!

Momma Porter told Jeremy that she would indeed help him out with his taxes, and that all he had to do was bring all of his financials and tax information to the 9:30 church service the following Sunday. The next Sunday arrived, and Jeremy was scheduled to teach Sunday School during the 9:30 hour, so he had to hurry up and meet with Momma Porter as quickly as he could before his class began.

Having never met Momma Porter before, Jeremy hoped that she would know who he was. Sure enough, Momma Porter was on top of things and walked right up to Jeremy already knowing exactly who he was.

Jeremy doesn't remember much of what was said when he first met Momma Porter. In fact, he doesn't remember much of anything from that first time he met her, maybe because he was far more captivated and hooked by the girl who had walked up to Jeremy with Momma Porter. Momma Porter introduced this girl to Jeremy as her daughter, Katie. The thought that immediately crossed Jeremy's mind -- "What...a...hottie!"

Katie had already taken notice to Jeremy prior to this introduction. In fact, Katie remembers seeing Jeremy for the first time when he came to interview at the church in the first place. At the 50th Anniversary for Faith, she saw him for the second time. Although he was all the way across the room, she was determined to build up the courage to talk to him.

She did eventually talk to him, but not that night as she had hoped. It was four months later that she stood in front of him as she was introduced by her mother.

Nothing much was said between Katie and Jeremy during their introduction, but both of them seemed a bit interested in each other right off the bat.

The two got a second chance to chit chat a bit after Momma Porter finished Jeremy's taxes a little while later. Still mesmerized by Katie's enchanting eyes, Jeremy asked Katie if she wanted to join the new College & Young Adults Ministry that Jeremy was starting. Katie's response: "Yeah, sure, I'll think about it."

Jeremy figured that was girl code for, "Thanks for the invite, but NO WAY!" Essentially, Jeremy assumed he had just been blown off. But despite having just been "stealth rejected", it was at this moment that Jeremy, for some odd reason, decided that he wanted to ask out Katie.

To be continued... 

Our Story is part of Katylin's My Husband Rocks Friday over at The Great Adventure.

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