Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Story - Part One

As part of My Husband Rocks Friday, I thought it would be perfect to recount the story we had told at our wedding. It is a great reminder of why we fell in love! I know it's not Friday, but that doesn't mean my husband rocks any less. Plus, I'm trying to catch up on all the Fridays I missed (if that still counts...and I think it does). Thanks so much to our amazing DJ, Matt Mizell from Lighthouse Music, for taking our account of Our Story and creating this fun and whimsical story of us!

Katie & Jeremy Rodriguez's
Love Story as presented on Sunday, May 25, 2008

If you have had the chance to go onto Katie & Jeremy's wedding website, you may have already read the story as to how the couple met, and how we arrived at this celebration here today. Considering that many of you have not yet had the opportunity to read their story, we wanted to provide you with a glimpse of how God brought these two together.

I have gone through both versions of the online stories -- Katie's version of what allegedly happened, and the TRUE version of what happened according to Jeremy, and I have combined both versions into one overall story, the Love Story of Katie & Jeremy Rodriguez.

This story starts back in the tax season of 2006. Jeremy had just moved to New Mexico and had recently started working at Faith Lutheran as the new Youth Pastor. He was sitting in his office one day wondering what he would do about his taxes, considering he had just moved to a new state and was unfamiliar with New Mexico's tax laws. Jeremy, of course, wanted to make sure he did all of his taxes legally -- after all, he was now on staff at a church!

As he sat in his office wondering how God would bail him out of his tax predicament, his phone rang. He answered the phone, and it was Susan Porter, the Mother of the Bride to be.

To be continued...
Since our story is full of lots of fun twists and turns, it is rather lengthy. So, I will be breaking it into parts. Stay tuned for part two.

You can also check out Part three.

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