Friday, February 29, 2008

An Extra Chance

Have you ever thought what an amazing day today is?? Yeah, it's Friday...that's amazing in itself. Yeah, it's starting to turn to Spring...that's amazing. Yeah, it's February 29th, a day we see once every four years....that's pretty fun. But, have you thought what that means?? Every four years you are given an extra chance to do something amazing. You are given an extra day to see what you can go out and do, or what you you can make of yourself. You are given an extra day to glorify God to the fullest. 

So, what are you going to do on this extra blessing? Are you going to go out and make the most of this great extra day? Are you going to show God you will not take for granted any extra time you are given in this great year? Or, are you going to live your life like any other day...complaining about what could have been, gossiping about your co-worker, making God frown upon choices your are making? It's your choice, but just realize this chance for an extra amazing day comes by only every four years. So prove that you love your life and are grateful for the extra day in your year. I know I will rejoice in this extra day, and this year, I REALLY need it!

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