Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here I sit again...and it's good to be 'back'

As most of you may know, I worked for a few months for an equine vet here in town. I was offered a different job and accepted which is where I have been the past six months. This week both the girls at the vet office are out of town so I am filling in. So here I sit in the vet office once again, and you know what?? I miss it here. Let me tell you why:

  • It's just me catty girls, no office politics...just ME!

  • A great boss who listens and understands what is going on with you.

  • Looking out the window at the wonderful Sandia Mountains

  • Not being stuck in a cubicle

  • Quiet time where I can write blogs

  • Feeling in charge

  • Happiness

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