Thursday, June 21, 2007

Airlines are IDIOTS!!!

This afternoon was extremely frustrating for Jeremy and Me. We were trying to book our flight to go back to visit his family again. We had it all worked out...when we would leave...when we would come back. The price was right. It all seemed perfect....then it happened, AGAIN!!! Jeremy was able to book his, I was 2 seconds later and didn't get the cheap price. What the heck?? This happened when we went to Oregon too when he got the great price (and got reimbursed) and I had to pay $200 extra. This time is was only $100 extra, but gosh!!!

Needless to say, since I quit my job I don't have the extra money so I called and cancelled my reservation which put us into a whirlwind of what to do. Long story short, we are now flying out 2 hours earlier, 6am, but didn't have to spend any extra money. All I can say right now is I will not fly American Airlines for a long time!!

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