Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What a great 10 days

All I can say about my time in Montana is WHAT A BEAUTIFUL STATE. It's kind of funny, often I hear people tell me how beautiful Albuquerque is. My thought on that is "have you been anywhere else?" I can honestly say, however, that Montana is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Jeremy and I flew out on Friday with my family to follow behind on Saturday. It's not how we planned it, but it's how things worked out. Once Jeremy and I got settled into the Chalet we headed up into Glacier National Park. It was a bit late so we didn't make it far but we had dinner at a lodge in the park which was nice to do. We were so tired by 9 pm that we wanted to go to bed, but it was hard. You see, it was still light outside. I have trouble falling asleep as it is, but when it's as bright as the afternoon outside it's extremely difficult. So, I shut all the blinds and made it to sleep.

Since we went to bed so early, we were up early....4 am to be exact. We decided only crazy people get out of bed at that time so we went back to sleep for a few more hours. We decided to drive up into the north end of Glacier and go hiking. What I didn't realize is how far it was. It was a 2.5 hour drive...BUT WORTH IT. We hiked into St. Mary and Victoria Falls which were incredible. We weren't prepared for the hike (we didn't even have water), but after the 3 mile hike it was worth all the sweat and tired muscles to see the majesty and force in those falls. Saturday night my parents got in. So after going to the best po-dunk movie theatre to see 'Knocked Up' we were finally all together.

Sunday was a fun filled day of white water rafting. I have been rafting up there before, so I knew the fun adventure I was getting into, and I was excited. After we sucked in all our gut and squeezed into wet suits we were all ready to go. It was a great day on the river...and when we pulled out half way to have a steak lunch I knew it was a great day!!

I was so excited when Monday rolled around. It was finally time to head to Flathead Lake Lodge...and the reason we went to Montana. Every year my Dad takes continuing education classes to keep his CPA and we always go to the Lodge for him to do that. We have met some great friends we see up there every year...and that's what I was excited for. These people are a second family to me and I wait an impatient year to see them.

The lodge was full off all the wonderful activities I look forward to. Horseback riding, waves crashing against the lake shore, happy hour and dinner filled with laughter and fun times. The lodge was everything it has always been. Although a few of my favorite people weren't there, due to illness, it was a great time in the South Lodge around the fire with those I treasure.

I can honestly say, I WAS NOT WANTING TO COME HOME. I even think I left a piece of my heart and who I am up there. I guess that just means I need to make sure to go back again to pick them up!

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