Monday, July 02, 2007

Random facts I know you wanted to know!

♥ I have the greatest boyfriend in the world...yes, even better than yours!
♥ I am an October Scorpio
♥ I love my strawberry blond hair, but my blue eyes are the best
♥ If I could go everywhere barefoot I would, but instead I love my flip flops
♥ Starbucks is my weakness
♥ I am terrified of the joke
♥ I never miss an episode of Grey's Anatomy
♥ I miss my high school days
♥ I love to sing in the shower and my car
♥ I am learning to play the guitar
♥ Junk food is the best...I love carbs!
♥ I went through a phase where I wanted a tattoo. Thank God I didn't get one
♥ I think my new mac is a secret I'm glad I found out about
♥ Shusi is gross, apple cookies are good...Yes, Jeremy, apple cookies are GOOD!
♥ Life is good...too much drama is bad
♥ I am in LOVE!!

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